Gamecube: The Most Underrated Console of all time? (XboxMessiah)

XboxMessiah takes a seemingly uncharacteristic look at the Gamecube: A console that was under-appreciated and pushed away by bigger systems. By talking about the pros and cons of the Gamecube, XboxMessiah hopes to put the spotlight on a console that deserved it.

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CheatsMcGee3522d ago

The Game Cube had a very good number of must own games for it. My personal favorite being the remake of Skies of Arcadia. That game was so awesome. =D

Dukeoffl3522d ago

when it comes to Skies of Arcadia Legends, I agree so much it hurts.

Bodyboarder_VGamer3522d ago (Edited 3522d ago )

Skies of Arcadia wasn't a remake, just a port. The Dreamcast version was superior.

"Previously a Dreamcast-only RPG, Sega's exclusive developer Overworks has taken the time to properly "P-O-R-T" it to GameCube..."

I was a GC owner since launch and I only have 2 games for it. Metroid Prime and Zelda Wind Waker the rest? A pile of crap. The system was more powerful than the PS2 but nobody took advantage of that to make great games, just crappy Startfox Adventures or stupid shoot-em-up like Rogue Squadron. The N64 and GC were fail consoles with like 2-3 great games. And yeah, great > good but still too few.

heroicjanitor3522d ago

I had both a gamecube and a ps2, and I almost never played the gamecube. This was before all of this fanboy bull I just naturally went away from the gamecube, but then again it's unfair to put it up against the ps2, which was the best of all the systems I owned(SNES,N64,psone,ps2,wii,p s3)

Darkfocus3522d ago (Edited 3522d ago )

I had a Ps2 as well and an xbox but I played my cube far more than my Ps2. Cube had some of the best games of all time. of course I picked it up a year & 1/2 into its life span so there were already a lot of games for me to play through.

why do you have the wii in a list of the best systems you owned even as a massive fan of Nintendo which why I picked it up in the first place I would say its probably my only system that I've ever kind of regretted purchasing I've ever owned.

raztad3522d ago

A couple of friends of mine still love the GC. Eternal Darkness and Pikmin are the games they used to play. Recently I gave them RE 4 and Mario Paper.

The gamecube is a solidly built and capable system but it got no chances against the incredible library of PS2 games. However the GC is back with a vengeance is called the Wii.

sikbeta3522d ago

The Gamecube was a great Console, those exclusives that I played on it, really deserve more appreciation

ico923522d ago

me and a group of friends spent 6 hours straight one sunday playing a marathon of super smash bros melee, we actually played the sh!t out of that game

Nihilism3521d ago

The Gamecube is my favourite console. It had the most amazing games, Rogue Squadron: Rebel Strike= epic MF win.

I sunk a hell of a lot of hours into gamecube games. Possibly the most awesome part of all. The bonus disk I got with windwaker, that had Ocarina of Time, with upgraded graphics.

Mikeyy3521d ago

I agree, I loved my Gamecube, it had Solid Resident Evil titles, and Solid nintendo Titles.

I remember when Windwaker was about to come out, I could'nt accept the cell shaded graphics, boy was I wrong, that game was a masterpeice.

Sadly I havent played any official marios on it. I think Super Mario Galaxy on Wii made up for it.

Its mostly 3rd parties that fail nintendo.

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Blaster_Master3522d ago

The only reason why the Gamecube worth having was because of Skies, which was originally for the Dreamcast, but you can just play it on your Wii and your set.

redDevil873522d ago

IMO the best thing to come from the gamecube was resident evil 4

Bnet3433522d ago

Most underrated has to go to Dreamcast, but the Cube was good.

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