Aonuma on the possibility of remaking Ocarina of Time, other Zelda games

Eiji Aonuma has addressed the possibility of remaking Ocarina of Time in addition to other Zelda games.

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Valay3341d ago

Even though I absolutely love Ocarina of Time, I don't want any sort of remake. I'd rather Nintendo concentrate their efforts on original games.

Madusha3341d ago

I would actually love a remake as long as they keep the game the same, just brush up the graphics etc.

colonel1793341d ago (Edited 3341d ago )

I'd love a remake with Uncharted 2-like graphics.. So I could wait until Nintendo next-gen console for it.. or better yet, a brand-new Zelda... I just wonder how Link would look with the best graphics possible..

The_Savior3341d ago

Actually, some dedicated modders have actually made kickass
hi-res and cell-shaded upscales of Ocarina of Time. (Look up Federelli's and Djipi's mods)

Nintendo, you should focus all of your creative energies into giving us NEW Zelda.

If you have to remake something, make it one of the old 2-Bit games (A remake of LOTP or even the original would be really interesting)

silverbeld3341d ago

If they make it HD like GOW collection then it will be great!

But if they remake it for the original Wii now then i say better make something new cause it will be a pretty same.

execution173340d ago

probably wants to do a remake because he can't top OoT, and sorry can't find the link when they he said he'll retire when he makes a better game then OoT

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EvilTwin3341d ago

Don't remake it, just make a direct sequel to it and sell it on WiiWare.

ChickeyCantor3340d ago

Majora's mask says hellooooo

DarkBlood3340d ago

yeah but if you read the retro reveiws or the one the AVGN did u can cleary see that the timeframe in the game is messed up as it appears to be a prequal sequal and not a sequal 7 years into timeline where link defeated ganon so theres 2 alternate worlds which where the kid link is the hero of time was lost so they flooded hyrule and therefore u got ur windwaker story

so i think a sequal for the other reality would make sense if done right

on other hands im a little sketchy on the idea of a remake of oot however id buy it anyways so my comment proves nothing otherwise

ChickeyCantor3340d ago (Edited 3340d ago )


Majora's mask happens in the timeline where link returns to his childhood, warns the princess and the king.
And as you said Windwaker happened where no Hero was found(since he returned to his childhood and did not continue his life as an adult along side Zelda)

So both timeslines got their "sequels" in a sense.

oot> MM > TP.
oot> windwaker.

El_Colombiano3341d ago

Just graphic update. That is it. No gameplay changes.

Shotgun_Roamer3341d ago

Link to the past, Link's awakening, Orcarina of time, and Majora's mask in a zelda classics pack, all re-mastered and gorgeous. a man can dream can't he?

PeptoBismol3341d ago

make a remake of A Link to the Past

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The story is too old to be commented.