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There is a somber story unfolding right before the eyes of gamers and journalists alike, and very few have taken notice. It began in early 2008, when Activision merged with Blizzard, subsuming Vivendi Studios in the process. With its scrutinizing, calculating hand in the mix, Activision successfully sought to shelve a mass of original IP's, only one of which was Brutal Legend (the others Wet, 50 Cent: Blood on the Sand, and Ghost Busters). With no legal way out, Tim Schaefer's Double Fine, the company developing Brutal Legend, sat sullenly on a game it dreamt would shake up the industry like never before.

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Komega3251d ago


Saaking3251d ago

EA has really turned around this gen. Dead space is one of my favorites and I really enjoyed Mirror's Edge. Not to mention the great job they've done with Bad Company.

steck673251d ago

EA has been pushing out some quality titles lately and with the newly released BC2 beta, their line-up keeps getting better. It saddens me though, that these magnificent titles, like Dead Space and Mirror's Edge only receive such little attention to the public. It worries me as well because what if they cant get the expected sales? will they cancel the series, or even worse; cancel the developers themselves? Hopefully soon enough people will realise what EA has been putting out for the last couple of years.

But yea. I've been playing BC2 beta like crack and it is such an amazing game. If you feel like taking a break from those super fast paced shooters like MW2, then BC2 is meant for you. It's refreshing actually.

baum3251d ago

They're losing money, how's that a turn around?

Maddens Raiders3251d ago (Edited 3251d ago )

"They're losing money, how's that a turn around?"


baum there are a lot of companies losing money right now. That doesn't automatically mean that they aren't internally turning things around and changing philosophies. Don't be so simple. ...and believe me - i am not normally one to stand up for EA, but real recognizes real.


The Associated Press

GENEVA | The United States, China and other commercial powers will spearhead a new attempt next week to find ways to revive world trade and pull the global economy out of recession.

evrfighter3251d ago (Edited 3251d ago )

Mirrors Edge was crap, they really should have let DICE stick to their guns.

look what happened...

They are now having to play catch up with Activision/Infinity Ward. It seems like they are having to try to sell Battlefield when BF has always been the better franchise.

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Demonsdown3251d ago

I liked how that article cherry picked every game that had a big hype train behind but the games them selves where mediocre. The only thing that article says to me is that if your going to do a new IP MAKE THE BLOODY GAME GOOD.

Liuqahs153251d ago

Cherry picked? There's no way to cherry pick obvious choices. Cherry picking implies I searched for hidden gems, or went wayyyy back in the past, maybe talking about Grim Fandango or how Shadow Colossus didn't sell well. I chose the games that are obviously important, because they've been in the faces of the community for a long time, and still didn't sell well.

Sure, you might hate all of those games but you'll find it hard to find another person who, of Mirror's Edge, Dead Space and Brutal LEgend, didn't like a single one.

mastiffchild3251d ago

So, now we ARE saying that SALES=QUALITY are we? Couse that argument REALY works doesn't it? Because Okami is crap and Wii Fit is amazing, yes? Or mayve Brain Training is better than Ico? Are we REALLY saying that and that it's THAT simple?

Of course it isn't. Dead Space was, for me at least, a WAY better realised game than Resi5 but without the big franchise name it failed, first time out to sell in the nunbers EA will have hoped BUT there's still a sequel coming for the HD consoles so EA MUST have broken even and feel there's a good chance of a REsi rivalling franchise-and remember how it spawned spin offs in the graphic art and lit world and animations to boot? It still has a strong image and will be something that, imo, will succeed in the mid/long term and EA sticking with it-despite their daft actions over Extraction on Wii(seriously, why did they imagine a non resi lightgun game would fly when HotD with more of a name than DS never has-and with NO promotion either-of course! Blame the gamer for understanding they wanted a REAL Dead Space and not a "guided FP" version-many turned off the moment "rails" and lightgun" were so artfully avoided! There was to be little value, or replay value for, the admittedly well realised Extractionnd that's our fault?!)so isn't a great example of EA going back to their bad old Acti-lite ways.

Not that EA laying off so many or icing the follow up to the "too radical" Mirror's Edge has slipped my gaze-just as I imagine EA didn't miss the money that IW/Acti are rolling in on the back of MW2 and some pretty poor dev/Pub-gamer relations over the title. No doubt they saw how Acti and their little monkey chums at IW have managed to line their pockets while splitting the gaming populous inot factions fighting against each other while they put out the biggest game of the year which leans heavily on it's MP as a premium(in name and some price tags-EU and PC)without dedicated servers on ANY platform-which SHOULD affect sales of such a game in 2009 but, sadly, with a lot of console gamers too eager to side with Acti/IW because they felt(just as many PC gamers made the rift even worse by giving it the "we're above you" speech in relply to console gamers who felt they shouldn't care when the get treated this way ALL the time)they weren't losing oput when, relly, we all did. MW2 not having dedicateds is an insult and a backwards step for online gaming-it's the online equivalent of going back to the stone age on PC and after COD4's amazing success it's amazing that they didn't appear on consoles too-when other games can why isn't the market leader?

So while Acti profit(in a massive way too) from such tactics just why would EA syick wih a more honouravle, longer looking effort? The lay offs are just the start U'm afraid and we ARE a little to blame for mainly buying sequel after sequel.AND allowing ourselves to be ruled by division.

Rixynator3251d ago

EA sucks balls, their games are all sh!t. Look what happened to Need for Speed series? Also not to mention their crappy games like Army of Two, Dead Space, Mirror's Edge and so on. Who plays their stupid ass games? No one. Probably those U.S might.

Komega3251d ago

I think that the article is dead on and we will be seeing EA take a much safer road with the games it does and does not publish for the next few years. Two years ago Publishers could afford to take chances on new IP's like Mirror's Edge and the like. With the economy like it is though, everyone is tightening their belts.

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