Game Revolution: Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare Reflex Edition Review

Game Revolution writes: "So maybe I'm just a freak, but I must make an admission here: This is my first Call of Duty game. I've seen the trailers, I've seen the screenshots, but this review has been my first time hands-on with the franchise. My cousin's husband brought over Modern Warfare 2 for 360, and after playing a good hour-plus, I was ready to run out and buy myself a copy (note to self: beg for money). But instead, I plugged myself into my Wii with the Reflex Edition, all hyped from the kick-ass bullet brawls we had."

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EvilTwin3246d ago (Edited 3246d ago )

I think COD:MWR is definitely worthy of at least a B-grade.

That said...

What the frick is up with this review?

"What's amazing is that it really is the same game as MW2 on the 360, just in a visually scaled-down form.
Single-player is exactly the same as its 360 counterpart, but with one major difference: the controls. You'll either tolerate them or hate them, depending on your ability to keep your arm pointed at the screen for a certain length of time. Unless you have a way to rest yourself in a position, it's going to be one of those games that'll give you Wii Arm.
And really, this is Call of Duty: MW2 once again, and except for some sketchy controls, you really can't go too far wrong."

Dear God, where does one begin here?

No, this is COD4 scaled down, NOT MW2.

And YES, there is a way to "rest yourself in a position" -- put your hands in your lap like you do with a regular controller, or rest them on your knee or arm rest.

Who the heck are these people that go around playing Wii at home like they're noobs at a demo booth?
Once you actually sit down and play with some subtlety, the controls go far beyond "tolerable." They become faster and much less clunkier than dual analog.

IGN got crapped on for giving a bad review with a mediocre score.
This is a decently-scored review that is STILL crap, content-wise.

Shnazzyone3246d ago

is a training video on how to play them. Sit down and lay your wrist upon some part of your body(lap or leg). seriously, the wiimote is very precise so it is the most natural way to steady your hand. Though I think I would like to see a video of this guy play. Just to laugh at how stupid he is playing with his arm in the air the whole time whining "öh my arm!!! WHY DOES THIS HURT!?!?!"


EvilTwin3245d ago

Some reviewers have even started calling out their colleagues on this very subject. Destructoid's review of the Prime Trilogy:

"About that control scheme; it's a constant puzzle to me that some people still prefer to play 3D shooters with two analog sticks. Honestly, I can't help but suspect that it's just a generational thing. I know a lot of old people who also think that Frank Sinatra was more musically talented than The Beatles, and that has everything to do with the fact that by the time The Beatles hit, these people were too set in their ways to accept anything new. That's the only thing I can think of that could block someone's appreciation of the Wii-pointer's use in the FPS genre. I don't care how easily your arms get tired, it's just more involving and immersing to aim at the screen and shoot exactly where you want to shoot. You don't have to extend your arm all the way, people. You can keep your arms down just like you would with a regular controller and simply aim from the hip. It worked in the days of the old west, and works on the Wii as well."

It's mind blowing that there are apparently some gamers that need a "how to" manual to play Wii shooters. Simply unbelievable.

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