Link to take to the skies in the next Zelda?

TVGB: "While the next Zelda won't be a radical departure from past games, it may yet contain gameplay additions most won't expect. Like flying as a means of transportation, perhaps? If series' director Eiji Aonuma's hints have any merit to them, that may just happen."

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Samus HD3247d ago

why you trade your wii's ,..'; nccncnc.''; Wii is selling more and more every week and is the best sistem

princejb1343247d ago

"best system" yawwnn
its a good system not the best
if you was in front of me i would slap you unconscious

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foxtheory3247d ago

Sales make the better "sistem"

N4g_null3247d ago

Yeah I got a wii becuase I already have a gaming pc and most of the games you listed suck.

Plus I wanted to play sin and punishment 1 &2 along with all my favorite 2 d fighters and platformers to shooter like r-type 3 rolling thunder to ninja spirt and the shinobi games. Then you have a Zelda I might actualy want to play red steel 2, nmh2 and 1, demon blade, tvsc, dyn slash.

I don't know the wii just appeals to the console gamer in me. You know the stuff that hd gaming is missing Like fun games saying wow is no longer fun it's been that way with pc games since the first hl2 game. Also why talk about slapping people when you are getting over charger for lesser game port than the pc.

I'm glad you like your system yet you are not a console gamer if you don't like the wii.

Also what makes Zelda so good to you guys? Can you seriouly say you sold another system to play other games? How does that work because you make it sound like having a wii stopped you from playing those systems? Who know maybe you didn't even own one or maybe you got a wii to sell it?

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