Super Street Fighter IV Fact Sheet Released

Capcom has released a fact sheet for its upcoming title Super Street Fighter IV.

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redDevil873339d ago

Deejay will be a combo king

Fingers crossed Dudley and Ibuki are added

Stryfeno23339d ago

Can't wait for this...SF4 was probably the most played title for me this year.

3339d ago
dredgewalker3339d ago

Im not gonna get screwed by Capcon by buying this again for characters that could have been downloaded instead of buying a new disc. In a few months they'll release Super Street Fighter IV TURBO after this and then Champion Edition. Jeez people never learn.

HardcoreGamer3339d ago

TEKKEN 6 IS WHERE ITS AT, amazing offline everything massive characters selection and its just a lotta fun. online is great now its patched

dragonball raging blast for the fans of dbz and who like fighters or tenkaichi 3

those are 2 deadliest combinations. the best fun fighting game of all time is dbz tenkachi 3 / raging blast

dredgewalker3339d ago

Gotta love the new Tekken characters. What i love about Tekken is that there are no staple fighters like in SF. Every fighter in Tekken is usable and the variety of moves with each is astounding. Right now im trying to master Bob and re-master my favorite characters since they've been given new moves and my old juggles dont work anymore.

Baka-akaB3339d ago (Edited 3339d ago )

T6 is balanced now ... but actually there were stapple characters and tiers .

Tekken was broken after tag for a while , especially with characters such as Steve or devil .

bruddahmanmatt3339d ago

What sucks more than anything else is not the fact that Capcom will be double or triple dipping with SFIV, but that the fanboys are stupid enough to pay for it. 10 new characters is a lot as are the additional Ultra Combos, and on that note, MAYBE I can understand a new release as opposed to DLC in that regard. But what annoys me more than anything else is the revamped online. People were wondering since SFIV's release why SFIV's online lacked some of the features present in SSFIITHDRemix and now we know why. Because Capcom was waiting to cash in. That was a blatant example of a developer withholding features for a future updated release. Shame on Capcom and I agree with you. I'll be buying Super Street Fighter IV Turbo in 2011/2012.

STONEY43339d ago (Edited 3339d ago )

A question for anyone who has Tekken 6. Is Bruce's AI still a pain in the ass to fight against? In Dark Resurrection he was cheap as hell and I could barely ever beat him, let alone hit him. And this is coming from someone who could beat Devil Jin with no problem at all.

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Gun_Senshi3339d ago

Espically Online Mode

Good Luck Super Turtle Fighter

dredgewalker3339d ago

Agree, i really love Blaz Blu and the combos i can pull off is amazing. Ive been spoiled by Guilty Gear and Blaz Blu, they raised the benchmark for fighting games.

Simon_Brezhnev3339d ago

blazblue is the best fighting game dis generation.

saint_john_paul_ii3339d ago

Hey Capcom, how about enhancing the graphics of the game on the PS3 since you gave the "gimped" version of the game on the ps3...
anyway, ***Continues playing BlazBlue***

XDF3339d ago

Or will be part of the greatest hits going for like $30?

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