Anti-Aliased: Boobs and You

Honestly, Massively can't sit here and say that anyone is wrong when they say they don't like a game because of how it depicts women. They are not going to change your mind about that in the slightest. You have your opinion on the matter, whether you like the artwork of Blade & Soul or any other game that features overblown women or you despise it to the four corners of the earth, and you have every right to keep that opinion.

But as they looked over the comments again, they found something far more interesting not in what people said, but in what they didn't say.

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Tony P4343d ago

Love the article and agree fully.

As a guy, I don't have 20 inch arms, a stone heavy brow, and a granite chin with a cleft. Hell, I'm not even tall. Just like billions of real women similarly don't sport giganto boobs, tiny waists, and finely rounded bottoms compared to their digital counterparts. Seems a little ridiculous to call foul just for the women.

dalibor4343d ago

I like 'em natural personally. Give me a Hooters if you like 'em bazookas!!

HolyOrangeCows4343d ago

What the heck does that even mean??

HardcoreGamer4343d ago

i would say get a life? that is...... a life ONLINE HAHAH. yeh i think being online and gaming is given alot of people something nice to do without all the stereotyping and all.

you talk? wanna play?
you good? wanna help me on a quest?
you need some help, yeh il help
this stuff is soo cool online

Sarcasm4343d ago

12 comments and only 1 comment from Tony P actually comments about the article. The rest are too busy talking about boobs.

N4G at it's finest.

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1111114343d ago (Edited 4343d ago )

B4N, boobs for noobs. lol

dredgewalker4343d ago

I dont like em big or too small, i gues we all have our preferred sizes. I like natural boobs, i hate oversized melons that are the product of science.

Setekh4343d ago

Anything more than a handful is a waste. :P
Unless you happen to have equally large hands, then by all means..

4343d ago
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