Spike TV's VGA 2009 - Wii GOTY Nominees Revealed

The 2009 VGA's are just around the corner, and Gametrailers is starting off the season by revealing Spike TV's Wii GOTY Nominees for 2009.

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EvilTwin3246d ago

MadWorld, NSMB, PunchOut and WSR.

No Muramasa? No LKS? No TW10? Maybe even Extraction (yeah, it's a rail shooter, but it might be the best rail shooter yet made).

MadWorld is an interesting game, but a niche one.
WSR shows off Motion Plus, but TW10 shows just how good it is.
PunchOut is great, but I don't think it one-ups NSMB (which I've only played at Gamestop, but damn it was fun...definitely will buy soon).

knox3246d ago

mario bros wii my pick