Indiagames-Microsoft Alliance To Boom Online Gaming In India

India's online and mobile games company, Indiagames Ltd., has partnered with Microsoft Entertainment And Devices Division, for its next generation gaming and digital entertainment system, Xbox 360. The collaboration with Microsoft will entail a host of co-branded gaming tournaments as well as building gaming communities across India.

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kewlkat0074750d ago

to gamers all over is always great news, as we all know India have a huge technology sector and very well play lots of video games. Then again you can't forget all the areas that are poverished as well. I wonder if they care...

Abilor4750d ago

Then again you can't forget all the areas that are impoverished as well. I wonder if they care...

We don't seem to care about our impoversihed here in the states, so they should be alright.

nobizlikesnowbiz4750d ago

We certainly take quite a bit better care of our needy here in the states than India, for sure. I wouldn't want to be a peasant in India, because you probably wouldn't live too long. Ever heard of the "untouchables"?

But besides that, it's nice to see M$ and XBL expanding. A bigger community only helps out.

SuperSaiyan44750d ago

India has not got a huge technology sector, they cant even support their own country with all the poverty.

I think they should seriously be looking at making money to help their own people before venturing into gaming...

Retro-Virus4750d ago

That's astute garbage right there. Every country has poverty- Period !

All this would do is improve their economy.

Stiffler2034750d ago

Your a dumba$$ India is the fastest growing country in the world you dip sh!t. The have one of there highest PHD rates in the world there only behind China. They are far more advanced then you realize in every since of the word. I can't expect much from a dumb fuk with 1 bubble I guess.