A Letter To Infinity Ward

Torrence Davis of The Bitbag writes, "Dear Infinity Ward,

I'm one of your biggest fans. I've been playing Call Of Duty games since the first one. COD4 got more play on my 360 than any other game. Modern Warfare 2 is all that. It's bigger, it's better and it's more addictive. Congratulations on keeping me as a fan. Now that the congratulatory bullsh!t is over…"

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ASSASSYN 36o3250d ago (Edited 3250d ago )

Noob tube is a weapon like any other fight harder quit crying. People get mad when games have it or don't. There is never a win on this issue.

Cod MW2 has the worst thermal I ever seen. It is only reliable on some maps and has a delay when using it. And since when is thermal not effective on cold maps? Enemies should stick out easy in those environments minus perks of course. Targets should be white against a black and grey background not white over a slightly darker white. That defeats the purpose of the scope.

Party chat omission on most game modes sucks so set your communication options to friends only in preferences and you automatically mute every person on xbox-live NOT on your friends lists.

CyberCam3250d ago (Edited 3250d ago )

They were able to get away (again) with not implementing dedicated servers on a game that clearly requires them. With how fast the gameplay is, the p2p method they're using just can't handle the packet round trip of information going on in that blazing fast gameplay. Especially with the variations of world internet connections, which already creates an imbalance (along with the imbalance perk system).

Here is what will happen... MW3 will have dedicated servers but for a marginal ($5 to $15 per month) monthly fee added on top of the game. So the next MW will make quadruple the money MW2 did. Then everyone will hail IW the online FPS God devs that have revolutionized the online FPS multiplayer genre (again).

Meanwhile, games like Warhawk, BF series, Killzone series and others with continue to use FREE dedicated servers to try to under cut the MW franchise and try to get a bit larger share of that online FPS pie!

I was one of the lucky ones that only rented it for the first week, finished the single player, tested out the multiplayer/coop and sent it rignt back to Blockbuster the following week. As soon as I watched the killcam replays, I knew that this was going to be a very frustrating online experience.

Speaking of which.... I had my nephew over the last couple days (he was off school). We have been playing Borderlands & the BFBC2 beta and having loads of fun. Then I decided to take a break and he played his MW2 online. Man, I watched (& heard) him have a WTF moment after WTF moment, he was so frustrated & cussing every 30 seconds and finally threw down the controller & shut the game off after someone in a AC130 nuked the game after his 25 killstreak.... funny thing is he wasn't frustrated when we were playing the BFBC2 beta and we died lots on in that game... go figure?

Bubbles_Kitty_Cat3250d ago (Edited 3250d ago )

This guy has a message for you...

CyberCam3250d ago (Edited 3250d ago )

I don't own it remember or are your magnifying classes so filled cat poop, that you can't read the words I wrote? I don't really care for the game, I was just explaining my short experience with it and my future (sarcastic) prediction of the game.

Hey if you love having an over the top break neck fast pace FPS game that has a 100ms to 200ms delay because of it's network architecture, who am I to stand in your way?

Notice the game you used in the video has dedicated servers... you actually help me prove my point. LOL!!! BTW TF2 plays a hell of lot smoother for ALL players connected to the game than MW2!

Actually I'm going to give you +bubbles for helping prove my point & making me laugh... cheers!

P.S. Don't let Ricky, no sorry Julian catch you messing with his cat or we'll find your body buried beside his trailer, remember he carries a gun and he's always drunk. LOL!

Bubbles_Kitty_Cat3250d ago

My eyes are just fine, and thanks for the bubble...

cyberwaffles3250d ago

the only time grenade attachments don't piss me off in a FPS is in battlefield. those are used primarily to destroy buildings and occasionally to get a kill. there's something about COD's noob tube that really pisses me off when i get killed by them though.

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dgroundwater3249d ago

"...people running around with marathon, light weight and commando acting like Flash from the superfriends."

Lol this build is a blast. It's so against the spirit of the game, but it totally works.

cyberwaffles3248d ago

the ump w/silencer, marathon, lightweight, and commando surprisingly works. played deathmatch with this set up after watching someone else use it and i was pissing off people with it.

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temerson233250d ago

Stop bittchin and just play the game. It's good enough to enjoy isn't it? Just play! Campaign is epic, MP is fun and crisp, and spec ops is enjoyable. Stop complaining, you low-life.

Noctis Aftermath3250d ago

This is exactly the attitude they want you to have, why you ask? simply so you keep buying the same rehashed game every fkn year like a dumbsh1t.

If no one complains games won't get better and if enjoying a game simply cause "its fun" is enough then go play mario kart 64 its fun too.

kaveti66163250d ago

I agree with Noctis, but his last statement makes it all so clear. Yes, those games are fun. Why aren't we still playing them. Nowadays we are b!tching about all this high-end technology. We're complaining about party chat when there used to be no online modes in any games a generation or so back. And now we're complaining about thermal scopes and noob tubes.

By the way, you really shouldn't complain about the noob tube. If a player understands that using the noob tube gets him plenty of kills, then is he a noob or an experienced player. Clearly, he's smart enough to know which weapon helps him.

vickers-5003250d ago

"This is exactly the attitude they want you to have, why you ask? simply so you keep buying the same rehashed game every fkn year like a dumbsh1t."

So you are calling everyone who buys Modern Warfare 2 a dumbsh*t? Interesting. I would like to see you say that to the face of everyone you know who has the game. You will get your a$$ kicked like the ignorant little b!tch that you are. Who made you an authority on gaming anyways? Do you dictate what people like and don't like? No, you don't, because sadly, the realization that there is such a thing called an opinion thwarts your ability to do so.

The franchise may not have changed much, but that is not a bad thing. Modern Warfare (for the people who liked it) was one of the greatest shooters ever, and an overhaul would be ridiculous, and the graphics shouldn't matter as long as they're decent. I know it sounds crazy, but some people like 60fps with decent graphics better than amazing graphics that run at 20fps *cough killzone 2*. If you don't like it fine, don't play it. You obviously didn't know what to expect with MW2, so you don't really have any credible say here.

People like the game, so instead of thinking that there must be some mental defect within them, why not try asking yourself why you get so upset that other people have different opinions than yours. What is it about people not agreeing with you and not being sheep like you that you find so outrageous?

Shotgun_Roamer3250d ago

this letter = justice. byotch.

LinuxGuru3250d ago

Last I checked, games aren't confined by the expectations of the minority. If that was the case, Call of Duty would be a military simulation squad shooter, not a run-and-gun FPS like it pretty much always has been and forever will be.