Call Of Duty Franchise Earns Activision More Than $3 Billion, Kotick Predictably Happy

Ever notice how you never see a picture of Bobby Kotick in which he doesn't have an ear-to-ear grin? Well, there's a good reason for that. Not only does he have World of Warcraft and Guitar Hero raking in cash for him year after year, but it turns out that Activision Blizzard has another series that isn't doing too shabby. In a press release today, the company announced that the Call of Duty franchise has surpassed $3 billion in overall sales, selling over 55 million units.

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Saaking3244d ago

Wow, I must say that's impressive, however I also say that MW2 is perhaps the best examples of why sales =/= quality.

rdgneoz33244d ago

Yep, all the hype led to its sales and high reviews. Any other game with a 5 hour campaign would have been ripped to shreds. Deserved about 9s at the most.

Mr Bobby Kotick3244d ago

Yes im very happy , thanks for all the money guys :D

TheBest3244d ago


... :P

3244d ago
foxtheory3243d ago

This is a fine example of hype. $3 billion worth of it in fact. And you know what $3 billion of hype does to a game? It turns it into a disappointment for lots of gamers. The CoD franchise is a great franchise, but it doesn't deserve $3 billion IMO.