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The Agency, a massively multiplayer online game casting players as James Bond-a-like spy characters, is the first confirmed MMO for PlayStation 3. The mag expects a holiday 2007 release date, but publisher Sony Online has clarified with GamesRadar that no official date has been set yet.

Developed by Sony Online Entertainment, the brains behind EverQuest Adventures on PS2, The Agency will offer "action, adventure and intrigue," along with "betrayals... the stuff that hasn't been tapped yet in the genre," promises executive producer Matt Wilson.

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Siesser4574d ago (Edited 4574d ago )

This could be cool. I wonder, though, if your objectives will be against other players head-to-head, or just competition. Like, are you trying to take out other players, or is it you and your team competing against other players (and their teams) to take out the same target. Depending on how immersive they get this thing, this could be really different. I also wonder if there's a persistent world or not.

MK_Red4574d ago

I hope it doens't have a monthly fee.

Odion4574d ago

of course it will, first its an MMO which right off the bat means you've got to pay something for them to upkeep the servers and to keep new content rolling in.


its SOE, prob the worst part of Sony as they haven't made or bought since EQ1

Siesser4574d ago

Well, HOME is maintained online and free

drtysouf214574d ago

but this looks like its work checking out.

kspraydad4574d ago

I expect this is the first of many SOE properties to move onto the PS3/HOME platform. SOE is actually providing the backbone to HOME so it made/makes sense that they would migrate new and existing SOE properties that way.

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