Top 50 Media Create Software Sales for Week Ending 11/22

The complete top 50 Media Create rankings for software sales in Japan for the week ending November 22.

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Madusha3250d ago

9. Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Winter Games

^ #9 is probably the worst game I've ever seen, how is it even selling?^

Good to see L4D2 at #6, Pokemon still #1

Hisiru3250d ago

"how is it even selling?"

Mario and Sonic in the same title. But I agree withi you, this game is terrible!

The_Savior3250d ago

What do you expect? It's only Nintendo.
Say whatever you like about the Wii, but Mario has sold 222 million, Pokemon 193 million, and Zelda has sold 57 million dollars worth of games for over 20 years.

Shang-Long3249d ago

did anyone see this hahahahaha

dirthurts3250d ago

Do we really care what's selling in Japan?
It's not like I have stock or anything...

Satan The Gamer3250d ago

How come # 28 says COD4 best version? is it actually named like that? lol

Noctis Aftermath3250d ago

i'm pretty sure that "the best" is like japans platinum/greatest hits version.

Darkfocus3250d ago

its probably a poor translation of GOTY edition