Avatar The Game Is Overly Advanced - Whilst stereoscopic functionality has been enjoyed by some PC users for a while it is something very new for console gamers who generally tend to use televisions rather than monitors. This is very unfortunate for the impending release of James Cameron's Avatar: The Game as Cameron has apparently worked very closely with Ubisoft on making it as much a visual spectacle as the film. The issue of course is that barely any televisions in retail have the 3D capability which the games 3D option requires.

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Dawn_Of_Ashes3247d ago

i played something about 1h30 today, unfortunately im under n.d.a until tuesday. But i think i can say that i saw a couple of framerate problem and there is a lot of little loading in the game but otherwise its seems to be a cool games.

dirthurts3247d ago

Who can't get the demo to install?
I'm on Windows 7...
don't know if that helps.
It crashes upon initial boot up...
and there is no uninstall option.

xTruthx3247d ago

yah, mine doesn't install aether, I have W7

Parapraxis3247d ago

Leaked x360 version just hit the net.
So many games are getting leaked this year it's sad.

Perjoss3247d ago

lots of accounts getting banned too, crime does not pay :)

DelbertGrady3247d ago

All games get leaked. And have been for years. It's good that MS have tightened their piracy control.

blackpanther253246d ago (Edited 3246d ago )

hacked games....they just can't go online

what i don't get is do they check to see if the game is a copy or do they have a way of checking the firmware on the DVD drive?

R_A_LEE203247d ago

The article states that there will be a release of 3D TVs sometime in spring next year.

Quick Question: Who's going to buy a brand new 3DTV at a price of over a £1000 for one bloody Game?

Seriously, i'm not getting rid of my HDTV for a 3DTV that i'll only use once for a crappy movie tie-in. No Way!

This is a bad move if Ubisoft plan on adding 3D to most of their up coming games if the tech is years away from being standard issue.

ZombieAutopsy3247d ago (Edited 3247d ago )

It'll just be a luxury like HDTV has been for most these past few years, i believe a study showed that less than 40% of homes have HDTV's in them. I know im not gonna run out and buy a 3DTV until they are widely supported in Film and Gaming and until they are available for under 750$ for like a 32 inch tv.

The Great Melon3247d ago (Edited 3247d ago )

People make 3D TVs sound like expensive futuristic things for some reason. Any TV with a refresh rate of 120 Hz or above can be used nicely for 3D with special shutter glasses. Most large TV's sold now days are 120 Hz at a minimum.

While the glasses method isn't the prettiest solution for 3D and has been around for awhile, this is method they were intending to use for this game. TVs that produce 3d images without glasses are still a little ways off. If sony and other tv companies are intending to release 3D tvs that do not require glasses next year, I will be impressed.

Staude3247d ago

well sony has talked about the ps3 going 3d in the next fiscal year (or was it the one after?) when that happens there'll likely be some patches out for some older games to enable them to go 3d :p (not the most demanding ones i imagine)

starvinbull3247d ago

In response I think I will buy a 3D television when i have the cash.

If you are determined to have the best investing in surround sound, blu-ray and HDTV then why not 3D as well.

I see it as getting the most from what I have already bought and seriously it's petty but I wouldn't want to be missing out.

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TABSF3247d ago

If they wanted the game to be as advanced as the Movie they should delay the game use Cryengine 3 with DirectX 11.

toaster3247d ago

You honestly think Crytec is going to let other devs play with their flagship engine before they release Crysis2?

TABSF3247d ago

Cryengine 3 is a midware engine (like Unreal engine 3) and is already accessible by 3rd party studio, at least I think it is.

Syaz13247d ago

they already have their own in the form of dunia engine (far cry 2). they're using that engine in avatar. taking a look at the screenshots it definitely used the dunia engine (beautiful enviroment, sheetty character models).

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