Excitebike: World Rally (WiiWare) Review - Couch Campus

Couch Campu's Hollowman writes: Growing up, I can remember playing the living crap out of two games on my NES; Super Mario Bros. 3 and Excitebike. While many may look at Excitebike as just another 8-bit racer, it really was more than that… It was simple and addictive; a quality that makes a game timeless. The new WiiWare title, Excitebike: World Rally, is now here to cater to fans of the original, and maybe grab a few newcomers. Do I think this game will succeed in today's market, seeing as it is basically the same game as its predecessor? It's hard to say, really; nostalgia-hounds like myself will eat it up, but it may seem to archaic for children who grew up with these high-adrenaline, extreme racing games.

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