Best (And Worst) in PC Download Services

Big Download writes:

"We know that Black Friday is the most important shopping day of the year. Excellent discount prices on all sorts of merchandise intended as Christmas gifts is the tradition of the day. We also know that it can be a little intimidating for new or inexperienced PC users to decide between the different digital distribution (and community) platforms. We certainly were when we first heard about all the different services available. However, we've evaluated these services, from those that can barely be called such a thing to the juggernauts that dominate the industry, and all of our research has been compiled it all into this comprehensive, handy-dandy guide. You may not know what game to get your friend for Christmas, but you'll definitely know where to buy it!"

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Elven63248d ago

Direct2Drive has a client of sorts now to, they call it Gamespy Comrade.

It's pretty cool, I like the Soviet artstyle they have for it.

TABSF3248d ago

My main Digital Distribution Client is Steam, I now have 85 Games in less than 2 years.

This is mainly due to just getting Batman: Arkham Asylum for £14.99 and THq Complete Pack were it got 18 games for £26.49, so I have just got 19 games in the last 3 days for £41.48 or $68.44 only on Steam.

I also use Gamers Gate but its not that great, serves it purpose for games I can't get on steam.

Mikeyy3248d ago

I personally would rather buy the product, and Install it where I please, I don't like the fact that these clients download and install the Apps in a Proprietary way.

Bolts3248d ago (Edited 3248d ago )

I mostly use D2D because there is no need go online like Steam. As for having the physical product, why bother? The great thing about DD is it remove the need to insert a disk and I no longer need to store my games on the shelf. Having to keep all these DVDs totally suck.

I wish I can do full installs or multiplayer installs on the PS3 too. Its a pain in the ass to have to switch disks from Killzone 2 to Uncharted 2 whenever I want to go back and forth between the games.

GAMERIG3247d ago

Honestly I just started to addict Digital Distribution of PC games I spend my $$. I really like Digital Distribution more than physical product. Any DDG on your hard drive as consider "physical copy retail".