Rumor Killers: PGR 5 Leaked, X-Com Resurrection, After Burrner Climax for PSN/XBLA

Martin Gaston of TheGameReviews takes a look at the gaming rumor mill, with looks at Project Gotham Racing 5 possibly being leaked, a potential revival of X-Com, and whether or not PS3 and 360 users will soon be able tp download After Burner Climax.

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soxfan20053340d ago

The Project Gotham Racing games are some of the best arcade style racers I've ever played. Great graphics, smooth gameplay, lots of options. I still play PGR4 a lot, and I can't wait for PGR5 - I have high hopes now that Turn 10 is involved, considering how great the Forza games are.

After Burner Climax is a game I always wanted to play, but I've never come across an arcade unit. I'm a huge fan of the original, and most of the console ports (32X and PCEngine being the best). Hope this came is released soon.

Santa Hirai3340d ago

Another Flopza inc just a different name.

Rocco Siffredi3340d ago

This you called "Flopza" already sold 1.5 Million and it will reach 2 Million by the end of this year.

KZ2 needed 12 months with bundles for that, lol.

Rocco Siffredi3340d ago

i dont know, a flop which nobody plays online on the PSN but the droids like to mention t.

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The story is too old to be commented.