Top Ten Gaming Clichés

Gideon Heap of TheGameReviews writes: "Video games are a curious beast. Their virtual worlds present us with rule sets drawn from reality yet they often use incredible settings to provide new and exciting experiences. Some imagine high fantasy or sci-fi, others attempt reality accurately, and many have a calculated mixture of both. In order to do all of this, designers have created a number of devices to guide the player along. Some of these devices have become so ingrained that players instinctively know how to react to them. But as visual fidelity rapidly rises and environments become more realistic, the more conspicuous ones become guilty of breaking the game's immersion. So, should designers scrap these lazy clichés or should they be celebrated as part of gaming's unique appeal? Judge for yourself; here are ten of the best (or worst) video game devices."

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reintype3300d ago

Is it just me, or does anyone else have problems loading this website?

Tarmgar3300d ago

N4g, no. Thegamereviews, yes.

ico923300d ago

nope man i have the same problem with it takes a while to load the page

Santa Hirai3300d ago

Gears of War is one huge cliche absolutley awful story.

Dirk Benedict3300d ago

Explosive barrels are a common "gaming cliché".
Speaking of 'explosive barrels', RROD is another common "gaming cliché".

MetalGearRising3300d ago

Uncharted 2 and Kill Zone 2 are glitch infested that's why i gave up playing on ps3 for life and brought a wii instead.

FwanK3300d ago

And for some reason enemies are always standing right next to a red freaking barrel XD

gidzilla3300d ago

Enemies love red barrels

Jamescagney3300d ago

I love barrels really, yes they are a cliché but when you shoot one and 4-5 or more enemies get hit and fly through the air (preferably with limbs flying off as well and lots of blood) it is a satisfying gaming moment.

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The story is too old to be commented.