Co-op, "a brand new mode" in Splinter Cell: Conviction

TVGB: "A lot of magazine teases this week; First both Official PlayStation Magazine UK and Xbox World 360 tease a Dead Space 2 reveal in their December issues, and now PC Zone reveals that Splinter Cell: Conviction will have some kind of cooperative play, the details for which will also to be revealed in their December issue."

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Bungie3247d ago

oh snap

glad to see they didn't just throw co op into the SP

new mode for co op is the way to go

can't wait

Santa Hirai3246d ago (Edited 3246d ago )

MGS a true innovator of stealth game while other's copy and fall flat on the face

ScorpionX993246d ago

One of the first Spliter Cell games had and actual co-op game. I think it was Splinter Cell: Pandora or something like that. And it was 2 Agents doing missions parallel with Sam Fisher. It was pretty sweet but really short. Then the following had some weird version on Multiplayer for Co-op. not as fun.

Saaking3246d ago

This is good. SCC single player is, imo, designed for one player only. Co-op would ruin it.

BreakNeckSpeed3246d ago (Edited 3246d ago )

Have you ever played CT co-op? Arguably one of the finest co-op campaign ever made.

Please take off your fanboy goggles.

Edit: Just for people who have never played SC before.

haha already disagrees. Just pathetic.. pathetic!

The 13246d ago (Edited 3246d ago )

I knew #1.4 would be in here in a hurry(hot minute) trying to downplay it anyway he could. Good job with the stealth Tro****g(seems as if he didn't even read or comprehend what was said).

I wonder what the "mode" will involve? More enemies with bigger maps? You will a Headset for this "mode" so gamers can communicate strategy.

Good news for SC.


Saaking you can disagree with all of your accounts all you wan't.

ReservoirDog3163246d ago

These are the times I hate not having XBL.

Oh well, still gonna get it.

steck673246d ago

I think it's going to be like a survivor mode to see how long you'll last before you get spotted or killed (kind of like horde mode except more tactical) or even better yet, a seperate campaign?

ABizzel13246d ago (Edited 3246d ago )

More 360 exclusives need to come out. My 360 needs some love too. Next year I have Splinter Cell Conviction, Champions Online, Alan Wake, the Secret World, and possibly Gears 3 to look forward to (and whatever multiplats are best on the 360 or feel like they belong on the 360).

360 is going to be getting most of the multiplat action for 2010 (FF13 is gonna be PS3, and a couple others for sure), since PS3 has another year of great exclusives.

The 13246d ago (Edited 3246d ago )

How so? the PS3 loyalist said in his opinion single player would be ruined with Co-op but he was in such a hurry to bash he didn't even understand what was said.

-Single player campaign
-Co-op mode/co-op campaign
-Multi player

The fanboy seems to try and paint the single player with co-op as the only option yet in reality the new mode will be tailored for co-op.

Saaking said:

"This is good. SCC single player is, imo, designed for one player only. Co-op would ruin it."

That sh*t doesn't even make any sense, it's "good" that this new mode will ruin single player? lol

dgroundwater3246d ago

So awesome. Chaos Theory did it well, I hope this does too.

Sub4Dis3246d ago

I believe he is saying that it is good that the co-op is a separate mode rather than incorporated into the regular campaign. he isn't saying that additional mode would ruin the single player.

i am just glad there will be some co-op elements. i also really enjoyed the co-op mode they had the first time. the one that added in double agent wasn't anywhere near as good. it was basically multiplayer with bots. but, the one where you had mini campaigns was fun as hell.

Saaking3246d ago

Wow, you guys are really defensive. All I'm saying is Ubisoft made the right call by separating the Co-op from the single player. Co-op during the single player campaign would not, in my opinion, work out that great; however, separate Co-op (like Resistance 2) is great for this title.

umair_s513246d ago

Oh the insecurities of fanboys...

The 13246d ago (Edited 3246d ago )

SC games use co-op in modes not the single player campaign experience, what saaking said seems like he doesn't know any better in the first place. Sounded like guessing at best(stealth equals single player).

"Wow, you guys are really defensive. All I'm saying is Ubisoft made the right call by separating the Co-op from the single player."

What saaking said, is what the devs say every time they add co-op to SC games lol They are aware of the play style of stealth and story vs multi player modes. There are plenty of interviews talking about how they are careful with co-op(PAST GAMES). Its also something you should know if you are a SC fan.


There is a PS3 fan on this site that makes a crap load of accounts, when he sees too many 360 fans he doesn't like. He posses as rabid 360 fans and PS3 fans using his 360 accounts/personas to make 360 fans look bad plus he impersonate 360 fans, he also uses the PS3 accounts/personas to attack 360 fans and to bash the 360.


Agreed, kind of
The proof is in the number of PS3 fans in all the 360 articles vs the 360 fans in the PS3 articles lol.

RockmanII73246d ago

I agree with Saaking. The 1, you need to calm down.


That's what I think you are. You are annoying, you are jumping to conclusions, and you give a bad name to 360 fans (none of which can be said about Bungie.). Go back to the open zone.

The 13246d ago (Edited 3246d ago )

Check the Bio to see if somebody made a new account recently(Joined N4G, this many hours/days ago) lol

Jumping to conclusions? read his comments when he's not fronting, he says things like Failbox, RROD 54%, Xbots, 360 sucks, in the open zone and comes out in the gamer zone trying to sound like he's not a PS3 fanboy.

What gives 360 fans a bad name is letting these clowns get away with their sh*t. Isn't there more important people to call out? you know the ones trolling 360 articles, get at me when you see me trolling PS3 articles 24/7.

You could always STFU and put me on ignore lol or you! could go to the open zone if you don't have anything to add to the topic at hand.

Sub4Dis3246d ago

who knows.. you may be right. but i don't get that impression from saaking. no doubt there are tons of fanboys like you just described though. it is very clear in 360 articles that ps3 fanboys comment just to add negative feedback...and it is also very clear that in ps3 articles there is very little of that from 360 fanboys. i own both systems and comment on all the articles and read other ppl's comments. and you never NEVER see ppl say things like "thank you microsoft." but in every article about a ps3 exclusive you see tons of ppl thanking they are praying to the sony God. saying a little prayer for Sony. "thank you sony, thank you naughty dog." it is pathetic. but i don't really care about that, it's noticable, it's undeniable, but it's not important. People who think that way live sad lives and i feel we should just let them have that one false belief if it gets them through the day.
i wasn't defending saaking's entire comment history...simply this comment. and what he said sounds about right. it's good they are doing co-op, it's good they are doing it independent of the regular campaign.

not really sure what you're issue is with all of this.

streety519a3246d ago

I agree with Saaking. He may have a spotted history with his ant-MS comments every now and again but he can still spot if a game is good. It is a good idea separating the Co-Op from the campaign, it worked with MW2 and UC2 and I seem to remember Chaos Theory had separate Co-Op so why isnt this a bad idea. Saaking wasn't attacking the game, he bought up a good point and seems fully supportive of the direction Ubisoft is taking.

otherZinc3246d ago

you're absolutely correct! There are some MAJOR Haters on this board when it comes to the 360 & this weak bubble system will not let anyone write but PS3 Super Fans, but that's ok.

Splinter Cell:Chaos Theory was one of the most fantastic games ever & is the very reason I pay ZERO attention to the very basic & boring movie system found in MGS Everything.

Co-op will make Splinter Cell:Conviction one of my most anticipated games along with Halo:Reach.

Cant wait for SC:C!

likedamaster3246d ago (Edited 3246d ago )

Saaking is such a tool. Give it up man.

Great news, true Splinter Cell fans were waiting for this to be announced.

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MetalGearRising3247d ago

Splinter Cell a true innovator of stealth game while other's copy and fall flat on the face.

Bodster3246d ago

lol, you are just like Microsoft, you copy everyone ;)

Perjoss3246d ago (Edited 3246d ago )

do you mean like when sony copied achievements and called them trophies? and dont get me started on the Spiderman font :P

ScorpionX993246d ago

haha and how Sony is coming out with a Wii-mote, er.. i mean, wand

peeps3246d ago

although calling splinter cell the 'true innovator of stealth' is rather stupid when you consider mg which is considered 1 of the first stealth games ever was released in 1987

seriously, being a fanboy is 1 thing, but being a fanboy when you can't get your facts right...

3246d ago
Bungie3246d ago


i guess truth really hurt

MetalGearRising speaks the truth

deadreckoning6663246d ago (Edited 3246d ago )

I don't know why people coddle MGS like it was their baby when Splinter Cell is BY FAR the better stealth franchise. MGS fanboys need to realize that the only reason people even still talk about MGS is the STORY. MGS4 is the worst 30 bucks ive ever spent on a PS3 exclusive.

I've only played it ONCE since I've beat it. I expected a game not a melodramatic interactive movie. The only good parts were the fight at the end between Snake and Ocelot, the chase scene with Big Mama, and Raiden's cinematic when he took out like 7 Metal Gears with his sword.

@Bots-in-denial- I can see my words offended you. Already ur talking ur irrational crap lol. I only speak the truth. U should change ur title, the only one in denial is you. Snake moves like a tank compared to Sam Fisher.

LOL, PS3 fanboys thk that just because MGS came out first that it automatically means that it will never be toppled. What kinda dumbass mentality is that?! As time goes on, things IMPROVE. Whats next, ur gunna tell me because Mario pioneered the platforming genre that it will ALWAYS be the best platformer out there? Please STFU.

Edit: Ur delusional. Dude, Sam Fisher is 10x more awesome than Snake will ever be.

Bots-in-Denial3246d ago (Edited 3246d ago )

its ok deadrockoning.. we all know you sucked at the game lol.
no need to blurt it out to everyone geez.
hey that $30 could of gone on worse things.. like XBL for example or any 360 game maybe?..

PC & PS3 VERSIONS FOR ME thank you :) theres a 360 version of it?

@ Deadreckoning : "Snake moves like a tank compared to Sam Fisher" <-- someone doesnt know the meaning of stealth LOL
someone likes noob frienddly run and gun'ems HAHA deadreckoning you fail at everything..

solidjun53246d ago

No you're delusional you "stealth" fanboy. Stop trying to spout your opinion as fact!

"I don't know why people coddle MGS like it was their baby when Splinter Cell is BY FAR the better stealth franchise."

According to who? you? Please get your head out of your (you know what). You're just a stealth troll who just happens to own a ps3 and tries to justify his trolling. Please STFU.

likedamaster3246d ago

Splinter Cell: Stealth done right.

Metal Gear Solid: Took a wrong turn.

Hopefully, MGS:Rising brings something fresh and fun to the series.

solidjun53246d ago

Yea I guess that's the reason why they delayed it time and time again because it was done right the first time.

/roll eyes.

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3246d ago Replies(4)
Bots-in-Denial3246d ago (Edited 3246d ago )

exactly MGR,thats why its a multiplatform coming to the ps3 as well..
it was allready confirmed a non 360 exclusive since its on PC as well.. but with ps3's beta free version hitting soon after its just the way 3rd party devs are doing it now..

now developers see M$ exclusive check come in the mail.. and just send it back,and insted make the game on ps3 too.
sony didnt have to bribe devs,they naturally went the trey way after seeing Killzone 2 and Uncharted 2's bar setting visuals and gameplay.. while looking at gears 2 and qeerlo 3's garbage sub HD visuals with lackluster child noob friendly gameplay.

it was an easy choice for them.
expect M$ to bail itself out next year from the wii and ps3 console race lol HAHA

@Below: oh wow,i am truly honored to be amongst the one to be called NASIM .. Woohoo!
i think its time you stop leaving you butt cheeks open to get butt hurt and go play some ga... ho snap,360 has none MUAHAHAHA,buy a ps3 ya M$ tool bag.

The 13246d ago (Edited 3246d ago )


Xlll3246d ago

says the 12y/o

The 13246d ago (Edited 3246d ago )

*Looks at Bio of the kid above(2.2)*

*Reads some nut naming himself "bots-in-Denial" edit*

*Waits for attack from one of bots-in-Denial other accounts to come to his own rescue*

*moves on*

Xlll3246d ago

"*moves on*"
got tired of waiting? or are you following the 360's lead and heading south?

The 13246d ago (Edited 3246d ago )

Don't you have better things to do you PS3 fanboy? The fans of other consoles ignore the competing platform news, yet POS PS3 fanboys can't live without trolling 360 news.

Do you guys troll so much, so you can collect 360 ideas for the lackluster Blu-ray player you guys call a console? PS3 games flop so often it gives trolls too much time to spend trolling 360 news.


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qwertyuiopasdfghjkl3246d ago

This is what MGS needs.

MGO2 update maybe?

steck673246d ago

I think Kojima should release a new MGO game with more players, bigger maps, more modes, better graphics, no Konami ID, barely any lag, 4 player splitscreen, and a short COOP campaign for 40$. I'd buy it.

table3246d ago

nah. MGS has never been about co-op and it has never needed it. Splinter Cell on the other hand is great on co-op, great times playing the old splinter cell games on my mates xbox. I just hope Conviction has offline co-op.

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