iOpener signs world renowned driver for Real Time Racing game

The iOpener team recently announced that they signed a world renowned driver to participate in their program as a real life driver. Michael Schumacher seems to be the top guess for the position...but who knows.

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MetalGearRising3250d ago

I guess they haven't heard of Forza 3 which is a real time Racing game which no other game can compare also Forza 3 is the only game which comes close or some would say surpasses real life.

Uncle Rico3250d ago

That's a really stupid comment. This isn't a regular racing game... it doesn't really solely on AI like GT5 or Forza uses race data from actual drivers.... I think that's a bit more realistic than a computer... please check out the RTR site and read up on the tech before saying crap

FishCake9T43250d ago

How can something be more realistic than real life?? Do you know drugs are bad for your brain.

Uncle Rico3250d ago

Fishcake - indeed, he is a druggie

Zedux3250d ago

With all due respect simbin has no money to hire Schumi!

Uncle Rico3250d ago

With all due respect to you, you are a PS3 fanatic... so please dont judge SimBin

TABSF3250d ago

Michael Please don't go to Mercedes, You and Ferrari are a marriage made in heaven. One of the Greatest but in my opinion the Greatest Driver ever.

My Desktop


What a work of art that car is and what a legend Michael Schumacher is.

Oner3249d ago

Nice pic, for a brief second I thought it was a screen grab from GT5 or even GT5:P!

TABSF3250d ago

This may be a rFactor upgrade

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