Rumor: Assassin's Creed for DS

That's just what US retail giants Gamestop are listing at the moment. They've even gone as far as posting a price, release date ($29.99 and 25/9/07) and picture of the box art too. So this is a bit of a puzzler – there's no mention or even sly hint of a DS version of this game anywhere within the Ubisoft vast universe and company representatives were not available at the time of writing to issue the expected statements of surprise and outright denial.

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tony4206d ago (Edited 4206d ago )


MK_Red4206d ago

I dont know but this one wont be a free roaming sandbox game, thats for sure.

ITR4206d ago

I always laugh when you hear a gaming developer say we can't do this on the Wii or any other console but then they release it on the DS or PSP.

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