SFX-360: Resident Evil: The Darkside Chronicles Review

SFX-360 writes: "Resident Evil is one of those series that many people have grown up with. It's unique in both its story telling and its epic action, making it one of the most notable series on any platform and also cementing its status as one of Capcom's flagship franchises. Ultimately as it comes down to it Resident Evil will always be a series "for the fans". Not to say that all others are alienated by its style, to the contrary, I find the series to be relatively user friendly. I think if you really enjoy great games then you are boun to enjoy at least one Resident Evil title. What I mean to say by this statement "for the fans" is that much of the series, especially the more recent material, is designed highly with the fans in mind. So ultimately your final verdict isn't dependent on whether you are a fan or not, but in the end, being one will make the overall experience so much better for you."

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