Halo 2 and Shadowrun (Un)Officially Coming to XP

Upgrading to Windows Vista has been a broad leap for the few PC gamers out there who have made the jump. Unlike previous Microsoft software releases the feature set of their latest OS just isn't that compelling.

Sure, you get to play all the latest Games for Windows Live titles, but there's so few of them. Add on to that the still shaky hardware performance and the Halo 2 Vista servers are looking pretty empty.

Clouds look to be clearing up though for those still hesitant to upgrade just to play Halo 2 or Shadowrun. Falling Leaf Systems, a company working to get rid of the barriers constraining many PC gamers have with playing Games for Windows titles, has announced that they will be working independently to get Shadowrun and Halo 2 to run on XP machines.

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nice_cuppa4276d ago

establish pc live on xp.

once established put out killer advantages to vista users such as extra content and better graphics (dx10)

let people migrate at their own speed.

never stop them from playing.

sonarus4276d ago

haha i didnt even see this one coming. Thought microsoft would hold their ground a little longer

Snake_Doctor4276d ago

how many threads on deal websites have links on how to remove vista from your laptop/pc. I think the common thinking is "it is infected with vista"

God of Gaming4276d ago

I will buy Halo 2 again for XP if they release it... gotta get those achievements :)

Im happy with Shadowrun on my 360 though...