2009's best under-the-radar games

It's a rare occurrence nowadays, but every once in a while, a game you've never even heard of comes along and absolutely blows you away. Sometimes it's a little indie gem that didn't get enough promotion. Other times, what appears to be a quick cash-in turns out to be an awesome game. These games don't normally sell that well, but those who play them love them. They're like a breath of fresh air in an industry packed with over-hyped blockbusters, and 2009 has seen more than its share of them. Here are some of GamesRadar's favorite surprises so far.

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callahan093251d ago

Decent list, but needs more FLOWER.

callahan093251d ago (Edited 3251d ago )

2 disagrees right now? Really? How could anyone not agree that Flower is one of the best under-the-radar games of 2009? It's so serene and beautiful, it was the most pleasant surprise game I think I've ever played, actually. Never expected something so simple to be so beautiful and moving. And it's fun, too. It qualifies as under-the-radar more than a lot of games on that list (DJ Hero, really? I must have seen 100 commercials for it on TV), AND it qualifies as highly quality more so than some of those games, too, and it has the Metacritic score to prove it (if you're into that sort of thing... it sits at 87% on Meta: Demon's Souls, Shadow Complex & Chinatown Wars are the only games on their list that scored higher). Flower definitely should have been on their list.

Saaking3251d ago

Demon's Soul and Torchlight are awesome.

Double073251d ago

"How could anyone not agree that Flower is one of the best under-the-radar games of 2009?"

Because its not on their console ;)

But Flower should be on there for sure, as should Shatter. I barely knew anything about it, had little media coverage yet I bought it and loved it. Got very good reviews too (on 86 or something on Meta). Anyone that hasnt got it yet I highly recommend it.

ColdFire3251d ago

Shattered Horizon is a great game, but too many people have missed it.

Aquarius3251d ago

Demon's Souls trumps every game on that list.

JoySticksFTW3251d ago

And to be actually considered by some to be overall Game of the Year -- in a year that Modern Warfare 2 and Uncharted 2 are released -- speaks volumes to Demon's souls greatness.

DRUDOG3251d ago


Torchlight is addicting as hell. Demon's Souls does top the list though...

ico923251d ago

holy sh!t i forgot about flower thanks for reminding me thats the one game i've yet to play

callahan093251d ago

No problem. I think it's still on sale for 4.99 on the PSN right now if you're in North America. Go get it!

Highatus3251d ago

Completely agree Flower should be on this list as well as Shatter.

Glad to see Trine and Torchlight on there though.

wxer3251d ago

that list just fails

AKNAA3251d ago

NFS:shift, Brutal legend, NHL'10 and Dragon age were all under my rader, but since their all on sale for $39 this week, I'm probably gonna pick up at least 2 of the 4 for my pS3:)

Shotgun_Roamer3251d ago

still not convinced i want to play little king's story, but i can't disagree with an 87 at metacritic (refrence: Borderlands pulled a 83 and Dragon Age: origins an 88)

MEsoJD3250d ago

I hope it wins best RPG at the VGAs the game needs more exposure.

edhe3250d ago

Flower was anything *but* under the radar. Was on podcasts everywhere.

SolidAhmed3250d ago

is the best Action RPG in this current generation

hell, i do have 2 characters 30 and 93 soul level still i want to finish the game in both.

i do think that this game has beaten Zelda in the action RPG genera, and i learned a good lesson about this game
Action RPG's does not have to be in a cute world like zelda's but rather a dark yet a fresh world to explore.

who likes Zelda, must try this game because if u did not

my friend u will be missing a lot

PSN: SolidAhmed

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Jamescagney3251d ago

Machinarium is a fantastic little game if you've ever been a fan of point and clickers. Great art style as well.

Setekh3250d ago

Agreed, Machinarium is a gem.

Gen0ne3251d ago

That game's excellent and yeah, Flower should be up there too. Still love that game.

edhe3250d ago

Need to finish that...

Cajun Chicken3251d ago

I have a special place for The Maw in my heart. Sequel/enhanced remake please, Twisted Pixel.

Anorexorcist3251d ago (Edited 3251d ago )

Demon's Souls needs more exposure and higher sales revenue, just for the fact that developers may be inclined to not take certain chances with hardcore games like Demon's Souls and may be more inclined to develop copy-and-paste FPS's if games like Demon's Souls underperform commercially.

For the sake of a non-fps dominated future gaming market, everyone please buy Demon's Souls.

-Alpha3251d ago

You are over exaggerating.

Not only has Demon's Souls succeeded beyond expectations both in sales and reviews here in America, but it has also been noted to be pretty popular in its motherland.

ico923251d ago

actually to your suprise demon souls would have sold alot better if the devs had..
A. printed more copies
B.given it an EU release

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