First Devil May Cry Anime Episode

The first Devil May Cry episode is now out, and the three parts can be watched here.

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Siesser4566d ago

I'll wait for one of the subbers I trust to get their releases out, rather than suffer through youtube quality video. Can't wait to see it though.

techie4566d ago

you can download it at the source

Siesser4566d ago

Sadly, my Japanese vocabulary consists of being able to say "hello, brother, sister, father, mother, monster, idiot, what, why, and sponsor" :-) Still have to wait for the sub.

Maldread4566d ago

but i though it was okey.

I`m probably going a bit of- topic here, but people who like anime, should see the first Vampire Hunter D film (not Bloodlust). One of my all time favorites. They made a game which inspired Bloodlust too, which was an decent Resident Evil type game. It would be great to see a game on next-gen with D, although it will most likely just be a dream of mine hehe.

erosevaporator4566d ago

You are right. I would love to see a good D game. I think it would be awesome. Just think of the things you could do with his hand. When they first mentioned Nero's hand in DMC4, that's immediately what I thought of.

Maldread4566d ago (Edited 4566d ago )

Yeah, i didn`t think of that, but i can see how you thought of it.

Imagine all the stuff they could do with the hand in such a game (you did get to use him in the PS1 game, but he`s part could have been expanded). It would be fun if he would comment the things you did in-game instead of in cinematics (like Army of Two seems to have), and you actually could control him directly, move him around areas yourself couldn`t go to (like Medieval)or if D was injured as in the film. Maybe you could chop him of it he irritated you a lot too, and throw him at enemies or something.

I would also have liked a more RPG-style game, where you could travel around taking tasks. How D is received in different towns, and the struggle between the vampire/ human side would be interesting aspect too.

Still, i doubt such a game will be made, but nice to know i`m not the only fan around here ;)

Babylonian4566d ago

Ahh...good anime. But I didn't like the first one as much as Bloodlust, the first one as more oldschool anime (which isn't that strange as it as made in the 80s). If you like anime like Bloodlust I reccomend Blood: The Last Vampire and I f you like oldschool anime like the first D I recommend Fist of the Northstar (if you haven't seen them already of course).

Animes kick ass.

Maldread4566d ago

Thanks for the advice. I don`t really see that much anime, but Vampire Hunter D was great for me. Maybe i`ll check it out

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Odion4566d ago

Man Hellsing was so bomb

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The story is too old to be commented.