Aliens vs. Predator (PC) supposed to kick consoles' ass - at least technolgy wise

Despide the catchy headline this interview with Rebellion's Senior Producer David Brickley explains the technical advantages Aliens vs. Predator will have on the PC. Besides several graphics features and DirectX 11 support the engine will also make use of all available cores of a processor for the physics calculations.

Brickley says: while AvP looks fantastic on Xbox 360 and PS3, it looks truly state-of-the-art on PC. Similarly effects such as shadows and full-screen passes like ambient occlusion are more complex and detailed on PC.

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Fishy Fingers3336d ago

Good interview. Lot's of juice stuff in there, even if your aiming to play on the consoles. One piece that interested me:

"but we also use physics in more subtle ways too. Our inverse-kinematics are used to make sure that the feet of characters connect accurately with the floors, slopes or steps that they are moving on. We also use IK to procedurally generate the animation of the long Alien tails and make sure that they collide correctly with the environment and don't poke through it as they trail fluidly behind the characters."

You can have the finest looking, most visually advanced game, but a simple foot off/through a step or a gun poking through a wall that can just spoil it all. It's picky, but it's always bugged me.

evrfighter3336d ago

OH believe me. AvP PC WILL hand the consoles a$$ to them bruised, beaten, battered, stepped on and violated. Then violated again for the lulz.

mastiffchild3336d ago

Yes, fishy, clipping and such always annoyed me more than some of the , apparently, more important stuff to people because it really looks amateur to me.

I'm surprised, however, that they're saying this looks allthat great as even those screenshots aren;t the gretest PC shots I've seen-IDK why but some of the backgrounds, esp, seem way out of line with what they should be like to me-terrible looking trees for example and the consople versins I've seen just looked plain bad compared to better console games. Just not impressed with the looks or by any of the gameplay reports which still seem to say there's huge balance and boredom issues.

Had high hopes to be honest.Sad that it doesn't look worth laying on console and not as amazing as they make out on PC either-when will we get a decent Alien/predator game? Is Colonial Marines dead now?

Feral Gamer3336d ago

Thank you, Capt. Obvious. That can be said about any game on consoles and PCs.

free2game3653336d ago

I just hope the gameplay isn't xbox'd

gtamike1233336d ago

If has anything close to this then I might think this is true.

evrfighter3336d ago (Edited 3336d ago )

what, crappy textures?

seriously his clothes look ps1-ish

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