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While it is dif­fi­cult to argue against the fact that Nin­ten­do has be­come one of the most suc­cess­ful video game cor­po­ra­tions in the world, bring­ing the medi­um to the mass­es and ex­tend­ing the bound­aries of what we thought pos­si­ble with an en­ter­tain­ment con­sole, they seem to have done so at a huge cost.

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Mista T3344d ago

that's what I thought :P

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N4g_null3344d ago

He has not played nsmbwii or seen the 10s from sin and punishment nore has he tried out red steel 2 and he is ignoring the new crystal bearers. And the title is old and lame , has been used. There is so many good games coming to the wii. It is possible you guys don't like consoles and need set top boxes like the hd systems.

asdr3wsfas3344d ago (Edited 3344d ago )

I like when he talks about shoddy wii controls like dual analog FPS isn't a joke. Or recycled IPs when we have 5 COD games in 2 generations everyone couldn't wait for, but that's ok cause it's not Mario?

Check this out:

"In fact, the most crit­i­cal­ly ac­claimed games on the Wii re­main those for which the pre­ferred method of con­trol is an old Game­Cube pad or the clas­sic con­troller, such as the su­perb Super Smash Bros. Brawl."

Those games aren't the top selling though. Mariokart Wii is actually somewhat refreshing because it has steering controls. I'm bored of old mario kart and old super smash bros and old FPS over and over and over. That's the exact divide here. This too:

"While the core se­ries’ in this list do have an un­de­ni­able qual­i­ty, it is hard to over­look the thin­ly veiled premise that Nin­ten­do is sim­ply milk­ing its most prof­itable fran­chis­es, with­out real thought as to how to ad­vance them­selves as a cre­ative com­po­nent of the in­dus­try. Com­bine this with an­oth­er shed load of ‘Wii Music’-type games and you are left with a truly di­lut­ed of­fer­ing to say the least."

hahaha, what would be really ground breaking is a new FPS...with one minor feature that YOU'RE NOT GONNA BELIEVE! Oh yeah, COD is mindblowingly unique, that's why they're still using the quake 3 engine. The game is essentially action quake with helicopters and leveling. Aiming with a wiimote saved FPS for me because it added controls that take months to adjust to. Otherwise COD might as well be action quake 3. Gears is unreal with steroid abusers. These FPS titles are running on engines that have been around for so long that I got bored of them on PC last gen.

See how he said wii music is one of those games lacking creativity? The point of that game is to make your own remixes and renditions of songs. There is no other music game like it except maybe electroplankton. It is designed to help the user express creativity with instruments they can't play. Stuff like guitar hero and DDR focus only on rhythm (and are done to death) while wii music actually revolves around composition. And he missed it.

I think NEOGaf sounds good right now.

EvilTwin3343d ago

oobob -- Notice the big elephant in the room the author is missing by not going in-depth on? Metroid Prime 3. The Gamecube controller is certainly NOT the preferred method to play Prime games anymore. And in addition to adding in near-perfect IR/pointer controls, that game also introduced voice acting to the series and pushed the Wii harder than any other FPS has. Hardly a rehash.

IR/pointer controls also made projectile combat MUCH better in Twilight Princess, and Motion+ will fulfill the promise of sword fighting for Wii games, but hey...why bother mentioning stuff that completely destroys their argument?

Revvin3343d ago

The Wii was a fantastic system for Nintendo. They were struggling against Microsoft and Sony who were going for raw power in their consoles. Nintendo devised something quite brilliant with the motion control, they thought outside the box quite literally designing a control system linked to what is essentially an overclocked GameCube. Sony and Microsoft were always going to follow this and in a way Sony was half way there with the SixAxis controller they just never saw the potential like Nintendo did.

Unfortunately for Nintendo Sony and Microsoft were always going to find a way around Nintendo's patents and bring out their own motion control and that leaves Nintendo in a precarious position. Unless they come out with yet another groud breaking innovation the Wii HD or whatever they call the successor to the Wii could be the start of their SEGA-like decline. They might be saved for another generation, maybe two by brand loyalty but they need to leap ahead of their rivals and I think thats hard to do.

akashifire3343d ago

Nintendo will deliver. Just think of all the innovations they've bought for the gaming industry. I can't wait to see what they have in store next. Hopefully when they announce it, they would've dismissed some of their practices and adopt new ones.

asdr3wsfas3343d ago

"They might be saved for another generation, maybe two by brand loyalty but they need to leap ahead of their rivals and I think thats hard to do."

Brand loyalty after the gamecube and n64...this site is hilarious.

ECM0NEY3343d ago

The Wii is for kids and old people, minus Zelda and Smash bros. Nintendo betrayed the core gamer...

asdr3wsfas3343d ago

If you ever talked to girls you'd realize they also love the wii. What are you, 17?

Shnazzyone3343d ago

like most the trollers on this site they are more aroused by high polygon counts, advanced shaders and 3d models of sweaty overly muscular men then women.

Mikhal55693343d ago

I tried to read the entire article, I really did....but, this guy really needs to get a grip. First, he's crying because the console didn't live up to his ridiculous expectations ( a "true" virtual reality experience, perfect controls, etc.) Then he starts taking shots at Nintendo for "milking" the franchises?
Excuse me, but I would say the majority of the first party games are going in a much better direction then they were when they were in the Gamecube days. Galaxy vs Sunshine anyone? W Waker vs Twilight? etc.
Now, they're not only reviving old franchises such as Punchout, Sin and Punishment, the console is also creating new IP's such as NMH, Red Steel and the Conduit etc.
When peopple ever realize that Nintendo was never the problem, third party developers were. That's why the systems library of games was weaker then what it should have been early on. It's why the games looked liked crapped and were mostly poor quality or short. That's why they didn't sell. But, it's all Big N's fault, great logic guys.

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