Microsoft: Project Natal to replace remote controls

Gamers have long feared news like this, but then again, what's there to fear? Will we trade in our controls for a motion sensing device? If left to Microsoft, that answer would be yes.

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callahan093300d ago

I've never felt a desire to control my TV in any way other than a remote control. Pressing buttons is easy and fast.

Shadow Flare3300d ago

It's amazing, this being n4g I knew someone would disagree with you. I take it the people that disagree hope a tv will be invented where you have to draw the channel number in the air with your finger. Or yell out the channel,

"SKY ONE..."
-please repeat channel request- "SKY...ONE...."
-you have selected channel 901 gay dating-
-please repeat channel request-

I imagine thats what the disagreers want

3300d ago
Enigma_20993300d ago

Cause that's what they called it when Nintendo did it...

Xeoset3300d ago

The difference is nobody cared for the WiiMote. EVERY studio that has touched Natal have pretty much said it's gamings second coming. No other console has anything that comes close.

I'll be happily waiting it out. It's only £30 anyway, cheaper than a new game and will definitely last longer and bring as much fun.

Haters everywhere :)

reintype3300d ago (Edited 3300d ago )

This one is dated Oct. 1, 2008.

Here's another article concerning this.

Eamon3300d ago

Callahan09 and Shadow Flare.

You mean to tell me that if you had the means to change channels, vary the volume, play or pause without needing to press buttons, you would NOT go for it??

Forget whether Natal supports this or not!! You still wouldn't be glad to change the channels with a wave or your hand or simply stating the channel's name??

Of course, remote control can never be replaced since you need it for advanced options, but correct me if I'm wrong, I am detecting a "fanboy beacon" from both of you and it's making me suspect that if it was the other way round and Sony was releasing Natal, you'd be fully supporting them.

Or maybe I'm thinking too much /s

Milky Joe3300d ago

You can just imagine it can't you: Your gran comes round, walks past the TV to sit down and it flicks to the porn channel.

I honestly do not see this catching on. They're going to struggle to match the controlability offered by an 18 button game controller, let alone a 40 something button TV remote.

Perjoss3300d ago

@ Shadow Flare
you know, voice recognition has come a long way since the 80s

Shotgun_Roamer3300d ago

frankly, whatever microsoft does is ther business, but they obviously have a disconnect from their consumers. However, if they can pull it off, more power to them

3300d ago
Ju3300d ago

...and the Concord took flight into the supersonic age and all others followed. ... oh, wait, it didn't.

-OmarJA-3300d ago

Damn! more depressing news from Micro$oft, thank god i'm not a 360 fanboy...

Seriously as if Micro$oft will get anything working properly.

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Shadow Flare3300d ago

Ok, i'll tell you why I think it would be crap. I recently bought eyepet. A ps3 exclusive that uses the pseye camera. I found that the more I used it, the less I was sitting cross legged and the more I was just lying down, which isn't how its meant to be played. Also some challenges required sound, which I couldn't do at night cos i'd be making too much noise. Voice recognition for tv would be a bit crap cos if you're just talking to someone, the channel may flip over, or it may be difficult to get your command through if the rooms too noisy. Motion sensing would also be crap cos everyone would have to be dead still. If anyone moved the volume may go up and blow out the windows. Imagine that, at night. No thanks

silvacrest3300d ago

hold on, who said natal would cost £30?

a wireless N adapter cost near $100, the original only cost a little less, even with logic behind you, do you really think M$ would price natal so low?

eagle213300d ago

If anyone has paid attention to the massive flop called Tony Hawk's Ride (3.5/10 Gamespot) you have to think Project Natal. MS games are already overrated even when they score 8/10, Natal games will be worse. Mark my words. :)

4Sh0w3300d ago (Edited 3300d ago )

"With the flick of my wrist I can change a channel," Whitten said. "With the power of my voice I can start a movie."

I don't know what everybody is getting all worked up about. His statements seems only natural for some of our everyday tasks to eventually be done with the use of a simple gestures or a voice commands. Wow, you guys really hate microsoft, anywhere else people would be saying, "wow thats cool". It's no small coincidence that the only really negative outlook about Natal is 99% of the time a comment from someone with a pro sony comment history. This isn't a new idea, but I think its great microsoft are looking a new ways to bring this once "futuristic idea" into our everyday lives, I also can't wait to see how Natal will be incorporated into all kinds of games both with and without a controller. I just can't think why anyone would be so negative about the possibility of advancements that will take us in the direction of making the world around us more immersive. I'm not proposing everyone should jump on the Natal bandwagon, but to come to Natal posts over and over again with nothing to say except how you hope it doesn't work really, old short-sighted view. I probably wont care or remember all this negativity in 5 yrs when I'm playing something like ME4 or the next generation Star Trek game and I get to say "Computer chart a course to the Feringi Star system, warp 10" "Engage" but if I do, I'll probably just chuckle inside thinking about the days when so called gamers said it was a horrible idea, I mean didn't they see it coming with most cell phones having it as a feature currently, even cars are getting voice commands, and alot of weather shows have some basic gesture controls for weather maps.

callahan093300d ago

@4Sh0w, I don't hate Microsoft, in fact I support them and their endeavors, I just don't personally like the idea of using my voice and hands to control my TV. I'll stick to the remote control, that's all.

sikbeta3300d ago (Edited 3300d ago )

"1 word...Innovation"


Well M$, you can live in a Delusional world with fairies and all, but it doesn't change anything, I want a controller for gaming, I don't want to control a Character movement with my D**k

Seriously, maybe in theory is innovative, but in reality will be the more annoying thing ever, well if it can track all kind of movements like M$ said, because if not, the discussion is over without even start

Gimmicks are gimmicks, you can say wii-mote is innovative and all, but is more like a waggle thing you move in order to play a game, no more, no less

I'm not discussing if its more fun or not, it's fun or nobody will buy it

If I want to move my body for a reason, I'll go to play some football with friends, go dance like a jerk with friends, ride a bike, search for a reason to kick the neighbor @$$ and more, not because is necessary in a game

dj555555553300d ago

Yes buying technology really shows innovation

EvilBlackCat3300d ago (Edited 3300d ago )

Apple introduce a Laptop without a Keyboard and some morons call it innovation and praise them.

but somebody say "Project Natal to replace remote controls" and Microsoft is the devil

Project Natal to replace remote controls? Maybe but i highly doubt its going to completely replace it. Both can co exist.

@ callahan09

1.19 -
"I just don't personally like the idea of using my voice and hands to control my TV"


Ju3300d ago

Say, we forget that's been done before, but then, Ubi's Hawx comes to my mind.

Using a PS Eye yelling across the room "Shoot", but then, every time I miss a target (and this time with a bluetooth headset) I'd say "Shoot" (because I got kids, yah know). That's how far ahead some marketing/design people think...LOL.

For people who don't know, Hawx has voice control, and so does Endwar.

Budg3tG4m3r3300d ago (Edited 3300d ago )

Nice to see the conga line of haters as usual. Now I know that anyone with a right mind who isn't some jealous fanboy sees it like this.

100 buttons or 0 buttons

Damn need to dig around my couch and look under the lazyboy to find the remote VS stick my hand up and control the TV.

The PS3 wand and Wiimote is better than a remote so how can pointing at your screen be worse?

I'm going to go to the hobby shop and buy some T-shirs and put "Fanboys Are Stupid" on the front and "Go See For Yourself on N4G" on the back.

Ju3300d ago

Call all critics haters, or w/e. But please recognize, that some of us (?) have tried those "praised" concepts already (in one or the other form). And reading through some comments it looks to me the experience was mostly the same. Its a nice gimmick to "try out" because it is new, but after a while it's just that. A gimmick. I would be very surprised, if now, that MS is doing what others did before, it'll suddenly work. All that feedback has gone into already existing products, but MS didn't get the memo, it seams. Well, maybe I'll have to eat my words next year, but I honestly doubt it.

4Sh0w3300d ago (Edited 3300d ago )

Obviously you and everybody else are allowed to have an opinion on Natal. I welcome any interesting insight from people who don't think it will work but mostly all I see is alot of empty reasoning and logic from the detractors; yet the media, gamers in general and developers seem to be inspired by it, why is it so polarizing with basicly ONLY ps3 supporters being most negative, thats exaclty why I say 99% of the negativity towards Natal isn't about the merits of the tech itself and what it can or cannot offer, NO its generated by this "fanboy war";

"I've never felt a desire to control my TV in any way other than a remote control. Pressing buttons is easy and fast."

OK, so you you never felt a desire to control YOUR TV in any way other than a remote control, thats fine, to each his own but reading comment your reasoning sounds very hollow or petty. In other words when you say "Pressing buttons is easy and fast", that seems to suggest that this alternative(voice & motion control) will be somehow hard(er) and slow(er). I say whats HARDER about saying "TV ON" vs picking up a remote and pressing the power button? I say whats SLOWER about saying "CHANNEL SELECT" and then either flicking your finger left or right to change the channel, or simply saying "CHANNEL 5" to turn the channel instantly to 5 vs picking up the remote and pushing buttons? Lets not even mention the fact that in millions of households like mine where often you have to first find the damm remote(kids is my excuse).

Lets look at it this way;

"I've never felt a desire to watch TV in any way other than a in black and white." (who even owns a black & white tv anymore)

"I've never felt a desire to play a videogame in any way other than a with one button on the controller." (look at todays controllers)

"I've never felt a desire to connect to the internet in any way other than with a desktop computer." (many of my n4g comments are made with my cell phone)

"I've never felt a desire to start my car in any way other than a with car keys." (many new cars, especially expensive ones have voice commands)

Now unlike gaming most new tech introduced by a rival companies aren't subjected to the "fanboy war" but I'm sure much like now these tech advancements were not neccessarily thought of as needed however once the tech works well(new tech always goes through a beta type process) and public realizes the potential of these enhancements ANYTHING that is user friendly and offers MORE convenience than before without a heavy price tag WILL BECOME STANDARD and I doubt after millions of people turned on their TV's everyday with a simple voice command, you'll here them whisper "I wish I could find my damm remote control." The closes logic I found against the merits of Natal have nothing to do with personal desire, its that Natal isn't accurate enough, which is understandable and is also a concern of those who want to see Natal (& motion devices/voice) do well and this is easily contradicted because new tech always evolves after experimentation to get it working relatively well for its intended purpose.

Gaming has similarities, both standard controls and motion will work well together imo, but thats a different story for another time.

Finally I have a honest question for you, Do you think had sony introduced a well recieved version of Natal and microsoft introduced another wii-like controller, that on this site pro microsoft supporters would be hating Natal, while pro ps3 supporters would be praising it? This site is like Republicans and Democrats with very few Independents and I won't label which side is which but there's a clear majority, its entertaining while also being somewhat disgusting.

CimmerianDrake3300d ago

Once Natal turns out to be another lame accessory along the myriad accessories that inflict gaming. It will join the likes of the Powerpad, the Speedboard, the Powerglove, the U-Force, the Rock 'n Roller, the EyeToy, the Tony Hawk Ride, etc. etc.. etc...

Natal is suffering from the hype monster. Generated by Microsoft, fueled by the the 360 fanboys who don't really know what they are talking about and just jumping on the bandwagon of paid professional hype machines, and it will flop. It will flop like all other gimmicks flop. The Wiimote is only successful because it's essential to play 99% of the Wii's games. Natal won't be, nor will Sony's motion wand, hence they will be dust collectors.

Have fun convulsing like morons, for the short time it will last.

callahan093300d ago (Edited 3300d ago )

@4Sh0w, I appreciate your commentary and all, but this is how I see it: When I'm "channel surfing," I hover my finger over the "down" button on my remote control and press that button a good 100 to 200 times in a span of about 30 seconds, very quickly perusing every channel's description to see what they're playing and if it might be what I want to watch. Which is easier, hovering your thumb over a button and easily tapping it a couple of hundred times, or holding my hand out in the space in front of my set and motioning down a couple of hundred times? Or saying "channel down" (or whatever) a couple of hundred times? I have my channel surfing habits and the way I do things, it's just much easier, faster, and probably more accurate to tap that button than it is to make motions or speak to my TV.

cmrbe3300d ago

Thousands of years of human tech dev and MS wants to go back to the stone age when people use gestures and voice patterns to communicate.

Since the dawn of time Humans have tried to simplify complex/hard labour work with less effort involved.

Why swing your hand or jump around like an idiot when you can just simply push a button to do that?. lol.

4Sh0w3300d ago (Edited 3300d ago )

I don't mean to sound like an ass, but either your purposely downplaying the tech or you're just not thinking creatively at all.

"Or saying "channel down" (or whatever) a couple of hundred times?"

lol, do you really believe anykind of user interface would require you to say down "a couple of hundred times"? lol, how about I say down and it continously scrolls down the channels until I say "Stop"?

I'm sitting on the couch, I give the command "CHANGE CHANNEL" it changes the channel up or down depending on my preference, and like with all modern inventions there are so many variables that can be tweaked to make the experience customizable, I could have it set to scroll quickly through all the channels(surfing) very quickly until I select one or pause for 2 seconds between each channel, I announce a voice command, then make a gesture control, then raise my finger so its recognized and track by the software, then I relax with my hands comfortably at my side, the flick of my finger left or right changes the channel, good this is the channel I want to watch, "TV CHANNEL 5" its that simple, me telling you about it takes 45 seconds, but physically doing it takes no longer than a regular remote and also doesn't require manual labor. lol, Come on callahan09, lets just say you don't like Natal or motion controls general because I don't know why but maybe you're a purist or whatever that loves holding on to a piece of plastic and leave it at that.

wxer3300d ago (Edited 3300d ago )


MS thinks that natal is everything
the next thing they'll say is
that natal well replace the xbox controllers
mark my words

3300d ago
The 13300d ago (Edited 3300d ago )

The XBL dash will use Natal with the Natal update, why not control video content as well? [email protected] the angry PS3 fans in here. Why do you even give your input? it's worthless.
Continue to comfort yourselves in here no one cares lol

callahan093300d ago

Maybe you're right, maybe I'm not thinking creatively enough. Your suggestion "how about I say down and it continously scrolls down the channels until I say "Stop"?" is much better than what I was imaging, so you're right I'm not thinking about it creatively. However, I do know that I'm happy with what I've got. I guess I'll give this Natal thing a chance, but I think of it like this: if it ain't broke, don't fix it. I just have a hard time believing that it will be easier, faster, and more accurate to make gestures and use my voice than it is to press a button with a designated command assigned to it. Buttons don't miscommunicate. But again, you're right that I don't have a creative imagination for what kind of things you can do with gesture & voice control, so when it comes out I'll see what it offers and if I'm proven wrong, then that's only a good thing, because it means that something better HAS come along, and I'm always in favor of better.

4Sh0w3300d ago

"so when it comes out I'll see what it offers and if I'm proven wrong, then that's only a good thing, because it means that something better HAS come along, and I'm always in favor of better."

While Iam excited about Natal, its still has alot to prove, especially for gaming, I'm confident it will be at least a small enhancement to any game in the short-term future but a wait and see attitude is very practical under the circumstances. I appreciate your mature response throughout this conversation.

nnotdead3300d ago

im pretty sure developers where just as, if not more, hyped about the Wiimote. the thing that held it back was the crappy hardware of the Wii itself.

Wiimote, Natal, Sony motion controls are all the same thing to me. until they can make games i like to play, and the motion controls truly add something to the gameplay, i dont care to use anything but a controller or kb/m

Sarcasm3300d ago

You know, I could see Natal becoming more of a success if they implement it WITH a controller. As in, you don't always need it unless it's for certain segments.

Let's take the SIXAXIS for example, it's basically a gimmick and failure at this point as nobody really uses it. HOWEVER, that's not to say it hasn't been pretty fun to play with on certain titles. One noteworthy example that it's not shoved down anybody's throat is Ratchet & Clank future. The puzzle parts of the game that requires you to use the SIXAXIS to balance the ball was actually a nice refreshing few moments.

Now if they take that idea for NATAL games on something like a shooter, let the player use a traditional controller to play the game but have sections of the game requiring Natal. Perhaps browsing through a menu or sections having to have facial recognition etc.

But if they do this whole "YOU are the controller" then it will be nothing more than a huge gimmick. Mark my words.

HolyOrangeCows3300d ago (Edited 3300d ago )

"Let's take the SIXAXIS for example, it's basically a gimmick and failure at this point as nobody really uses it"

I use SIX-AXIS for Ratchet and Clank Future: Tools of destruction and A crack in Time, every racing and flying game that gives me the opportunity, The glave and Batarang in Dark Sector and Batman:AA, flower, Warhawk....

It allows you to control third things (Like with R&C) that you couldn't do otherwise, Gives players another control option for racing and flight games, and more. Gimmick failure my backside.

Ju3300d ago

... FarCry 2 (steering the Jeep), Hawx (I just can't fly that plane with the stick), just to add a few. So, I am not against motion controls. I like them where they make sense. But not a "wave-for-all" solution.

The 13300d ago (Edited 3300d ago )

The foundation is already in place all the world has to do is take the next step. Touch screen computers, phones, MP3/4 players, are using touch, so motion will be a natural and familiar concept when things go touch free. PS3 fans can't handle MSFT pioneering full body motion the response in here proves this.

All this damage control is comical

raztad3300d ago (Edited 3300d ago )

A regular TV setup is quite simple TV+control. If I understand correctly NAtal needs a 360 right? thats why The 1 above is hyping it.

Moving on, a supposedly Natal controlled system should have as minimum TV + x360 + camera. That excludes a huge segment of non 360 owners (so it cant replace the remote control for them) but additionally, those 360 owners wanting to use this so called "innovative" remote control would need to have their xbox360 turned on while they are watching TV. I can forecast an exponential increase in RRODs.

Perhaps this is the stroke of a genius, and MS is expecting its diehards to get at least 3 xboxes. One for gaming, one as a remote control and the last one as a backup just in case.

Sarcasm3300d ago

"It allows you to control third things (Like with R&C) that you couldn't do otherwise"

Wow... did you really just cherry pick my post? I gave R&C as a perfect example of how it WORKS.

But come on, when I say it's a gimmick or failure I'm talking about the grand scheme of things. You don't see people saying "Wow I really want a PS3 for the SIXAXIS"

The same will hold true for Natal. It will become an afterthought if they don't implement it right.

MmaFanQc3300d ago

retardedwaytoplayalltypesofgam eswhileyoucanuseacontrollerandn atalisnotoriginalsinceitwasdone beforewithathingcalledeyetoy

ViciousBoston3300d ago

ok people keep throwing out dollar amounts on how much this is going to be. I think you're all talking out your ass. Microsoft is selling wifi for 80-100 dollars. What makes you think this is going to be only 30 pounds? There is no way. I see Microsoft throwing this up for 120-150 US Dollars.If you have proof of the price, post up a link. I don't want blogs or rumors. I want hardcore proof right from Microsofts mouth.

Megaton3300d ago

I love this. Any other time in gaming history this kind of thing was laughed off as a gimmick. Now that Microsoft is taking their crack at it, it's "innovative" and "revolutionary". The industry has been there and done that with failed results, but some people right now are just choosing to have selective memories about it due to their lapdog loyalty to the company behind it, or because they got scooped up in the massive PR train Microsoft is cramming into the populous.

Bottom line is; if you think I'm gonna choose waving my hands in the air or shouting at my TV in favor of clicking a couple buttons, you're outta your mind. Same goes for gaming. I'm not gonna give myself a heart attack jumping around the room like an ape in an attempt to pull off ultra combos in KI3 when I can just press a series of buttons instead.

The 13300d ago (Edited 3300d ago )

No it's not being laughed at because it's Microsoft's tech, it's because the industry and gamers now know the motion market is appealing to the masses.

Ironically your hypocritical logic and reasoning sort of does exactly what you say, that is suppose to discredit the tech and MSFT(not giving it a change because you hate the company or think it's stupid). lol

"The industry has been there and done that"

Yes the industry has has HD gaming with fullbody 48 joint tracking, voice recognition, gesture tech, 3D tracking, infrared low light tracking, track multiple gamers in full body motion at the same time, motion dashboard on consoles. SURE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !

Budg3tG4m3r3300d ago

"I'm not gonna give myself a heart attack jumping around the room like an ape in an attempt to pull off ultra combos in KI3 when I can just press a series of buttons instead"

What are you fat? Little exercise keeps you from having a heart attack.

IaMs123300d ago

You know what if they can pull it off, then im all for it.

Shepherd 2143300d ago

i like all the innovation with these new motion control things, but to me you cant beat a good controller. if microsoft goes full motion control, im jumping ship for something else.

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Shadow Flare3300d ago

Thats just ridiculous. Someone explain to me how an FPS will be played through natal with no controllers. How will you make your character walk? Making a gun shape with your hand and saying 'bang' isn't going to be accurate enough for one thing, controllers will always be more accurate. And also, I play games lying on the floor. I don't want to look like an epileptic octopus when im gaming

Xeoset3300d ago

Hold any item you want and scan it in? Natal has been said it can use the size of the item scanned and make the in-game product match its scale.

With that, just pull an imaginary trigger? Natal follows your movements down to the very end of each digit.

Simulate actual movement? They did it with burnout and it was reported to work amazingly. Just tilt your head forward a little bit and stop to make it know you want to run.

It's not hard to come up with this stuff. Sorry if YOU lack an imagination.

Eamon3300d ago (Edited 3300d ago )

To be honest for FPS games, I DO NOT want controller replaced by motion sensing, but I would like for it to be added in the gameplay. Using both Natal and the controller at the same time, I mean.

For example, you could command a squad of soldiers and assign instructions using hand gestures. That would be quite interesting.

Or a game like Fallout 3, where in the conversation/RPG moments you could talk to the NPC yourself (similar to Milo). Obviously not a direct conversation, but you could answer NPC's questions.

Meh, above is just some of my ideas that I'd like Natal to implement in games, but I DO NOT WANT NATAL to make the xbox 360 into a Wii.

Edit: Whatever my comment is, I keep getting at least one disagree LOL. I think some idiot on this site is stalking my comments only to disagree with them. Here's proof:

Anon19743300d ago (Edited 3300d ago )

I saw that horrible driving demo using Natal on Burnout. Grab a pretend steering wheel? Move your head forward or back to speed up and slow down? Yeah, that doesn't really scream "immersion" to me. It screams "annoying". And did you see how much difficulty people were having controlling their cars like that? It looked unplayable.

And Natal can scan any object that I'm holding, and then sense what I'm doing with my fingers? Wow! That's amazing. You know what that sounds like? That sounds almost like A CONTROLLER!

Shadow Flare3300d ago

"Tilt your head forward to go forward and tilt back to go back"

That is one of the most retarded ways of playing a game i've heard of. Would YOU even play a game like that?? Seriously, I would get sick of that within 2 minutes. And I know for a fact I could game better with a controller then without one. Think before you type. Or is that how you want to play games in the future?

Xeoset3300d ago

Are you retarded?
Do you not have control of your body?
Are you physically disabled?

How hard is it to simply nod you head and inch, then raise it again? =/

And to ALL of you in comment 1. Natal is launching for $50, this has already been confirmed. Take it all you Sony fans have selective hearing? *Sigh*

Parapraxis3300d ago

"The information games website MCV has gathered details plans to launch Natal in November 2010. Surprisingly the price will be set between £30-£50 (US$50-$80) for the device and an unspecified price bundled with a console. Microsoft is also planning to have 14 games available in the launch window."

50$ confirmed? Funny, I thought it was either 50$ or 80$. 80$ or more seems much more likely. Do you have new info to add?

Erotic Sheep3300d ago

Pretty much owned Xeoset there with his disability of reading >_>

On topic: No I don't think moving your head back and forth to drive is considered a joy to play. Imagine playing with a friend and both of you looking like a bunch of tards moving your body left to right.

You can't just abandon the controller. Moving your body will NOT replace buttons, and if they will make full movement games, the things you could do in a game will be very limited in comparison with controller games. Or are you saying pulling off combos in a game like Tekken will be easier WITHOUT buttons? -.-

sikbeta3300d ago

"Tilt your head forward to go forward and tilt back to go back"

·shake your @$$ to move to the corners
·blink when you want to RELOAD
.sneeze when you want to GRAB an ITEM
·show your neepl*s to PRESS start

Shadow Flare3300d ago

Btw, you talked about scanning stuff in so you can use it for a steering wheel for, you do realise ps3 controls have motion sensing so we can already tilt them to steer? Here's another thing, nobody uses the tilt steering to drive when they're seriously gaming. Why? Cos its CRAP. No, its not hard to tilt your head, but it will be crap. I guarentee you'll go back to normal controls within 10 minutes. I mean, imagine playing assassin's creed and tilting your head to move. When you're running away from the guards, you will look like an absolute spastic tilting your head around like an epileptic. Its not innovation, its frustating. And im not disabled, im just realistic

ViciousBoston3300d ago

lets not forget the space constraint for Natal. You will be not just moving your ARMS, you will be jumping and moving around. Who has space in their living room to kick and punch and dodge and dance ect ect ect? I don't I live in an apartment with no living room.

Stuff like this will never replace the conventional controller. Its a great gimick it really is but like Furby and Digimon it will fade away with the passing days.

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MetalGearRising3300d ago (Edited 3300d ago )

Microsoft are the innovators they are at the Forefront of innovation soon everyone will be able to enjoy the future. The possibilities are endless with project natal its no rip off wii wand this is something completely alien tech which will change the foundations of gaming for everyone. This is the future happening right now in front of your eye's.

Shadow Flare3300d ago

You must have been that tool who disagreed with #1 in the open zone and hates using tv remotes. See a doctor mate, your head's stuck up someone's arse

Mista T3300d ago

this will kill gaming you moron

Saaking3300d ago

Buy a Ps3 and play b3yond.

3300d ago
TheTruth20093300d ago

You see, the pro-Sony news on this website always comes from blogs, little known websites, and pro-Sony sites.

Notice that the XBOX360 news comes from more reliable sites, respected sites, and legitimate medium.


Because only myopic Sony Fans believe that the gaming world is clamoring to see Sony back on top.


So here's a test for you, Sony Fans.

Every time a pro-Sony article comes through on this site, look at the source. Kind of like looking at the back of a greeting card to see if "Hallmark" is on the back. It shows a sense of legitimacy.

You're creating your own positive press. Pretty sad really.

Microsoft creates REAL news. From REAL sites. Natal is coming. Get ready.

Just watch your bogus sites from now on. I know I will. I'll help. :-)

CryWolf3300d ago

Project Natal is never going to be future anyone that buys this trash is not thinking about future, Sony's eyetoy is a more better invention hell even the Nintendo Wii with its Nunchuk controller is alot better invention then Natal is, if your ready to play beyond get a PS3 you want to have alot of motion controller games go with a Nintendo Wii.

cmrbe3300d ago

cavemen used hand gestures way back in the stone age.

wxer3300d ago

putting alien tech and xbox360 or MS at the same sentence is just a massive fail

keysy4203300d ago

seriously what are you talking about? you really want to play games with out a controller. unless i can use my thoughts i need a controller natal is going to fail horribly. not that it wont sell but the fad will die faster than the wii fad

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xg-ei8ht3300d ago

This is going to fail and fail hard.

But shadow flare, your comment had me in stitches. But now i'm going ot have to sue you. Sorry:)):):)):)):

Dutch Boogie3300d ago

It's confirmed. M$ is going the Wii route in 2010. Better get ready to become casual gamers.