No More Heroes Official Website Launches

The Official Website of the port version of No More Heroes for the XBOX 360 and PlayStation 3 is finally open for everyone to look at.

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nepeon3299d ago

this is crazy! didn't suda say this is a wii only title? see this is why hard core nintendo fans don't give a sh#t on any more on buying 3rd party games on the wii. because we all know how they trick us on buying the game to only [email protected]%k us over like square did in the past when they went to work for sony. now its point less to buy no more heroes 2 as it will come to the other systems now. i will be selling part one cause this company is not thing but a sell out like the rest! know what suda don't even make any more wii games cause you lost a customer that which you don't even care for in the first place and really third party say they try hard to please the nintendo fans but they don't really because they don't even try to focus on gameplay and are to buzy trying to stay on top of graphics to even notice that.

RockmanII73299d ago

Play games, not consoles

3298d ago