Nokia's new N900 features possibly illegal Nintendo Emulators

The N900, Nokia's new smartphone, was recently released in the US and is already causing problems, namely through a video posted via the Nokia blog. Said video shows Apps for the smartphone, which enable you to play classic Nintendo games with an emulator.

"There's already a bunch of great retro gaming emulator apps available for you to download" is one of the video's captions, while Super Mario World is being played on the N900. The author's description adds that some emulators require additional ROMs to be downloadad, which "most publishers allow, provided that the user is in possession of the original title."

According to Nintendo UK PR Manager Robert Saunders, Nintendo was unaware of Nokia's actions, but will investigate this topic, to see if copyright infringement has taken place.

The youtube-video can be found in the source.

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YoungKingDoran3249d ago

i have an htc s740, same kinda slide out keyboard. been playing nes and snes games like that for about a year now. its awesome

KwietStorm3248d ago

This isn't anything new, though I doubt they should be selling the app in the official app store, third party or not. My phone has an NES emulator too, but it's not like it came shipped with it.

JohnSlaught3248d ago (Edited 3248d ago )

The N900 uses Maemo, an open source platform for development (it is Linux with GTK/Gnome). I doubt it is illegal to make an emulator, even though most of the ROMs are illegal to download, as those emulators have been used for many years on many platforms (maybe even the Wii is using this technology?).

What Nintendo probably can sue for, is the using their products in marketing without consent.

3248d ago
ChickeyCantor3248d ago

Emulators are not illegal...

xabmol3248d ago

My toaster has a Nintendo emulator.


3248d ago