Resident Evil 4 Wii's Cut... As In Censored!

For Resident Evil fans and Wii owners this piece of news is going to be a wooden foot in the balls – Resident Evil 4 for the Wii is going to be an innocent title. That's right boys and girls, limbs will no longer fall, blood won't be splattering here and there as you were used to and so on. Add this to the simplified control scheme and what do you get? A great survival-horror video game screwed up by the Wii.


The Japan version always was censored, even in the GCN & PS2 versions, this is nothing new on the Wii. The US version will not be censored like the Japan version is. (ender_01)

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RealityCheck4152d ago (Edited 4152d ago )

Maybe they will do just like Spielberg's ET remake, replace all the guns with walkie-talkies. That would be hilarious.

By the way, I played RE4 on the Gamecube and it was by far the best game on the Gamecube and one of the best game of the year for me. So I am not making fun of RE4, just about this censoring for the Wii.

Shadow Flare4152d ago

Resident Evil vs Mario. You could have (by the way i mean i'd love to see it as a joke) you could have zombie mushrooms. And instead of shooting zombies in the head or slicing them up with chainsaws, you jump on their head instead. And to get to different parts of the mansion, you travel down a green pipe. You could topple zombies in a dominoe fashion by kicking a turtle their direction. Yes sir, that's how you Nintendoify a game. And i actually wouldn't be surprised if Nintendo made a game like that


RealityCheck4152d ago

Shadow Flare, based on your sense of humor (which I share), you might enjoy GTA mario:

socomnick4152d ago

I though Nintendo was trying to get rid of its image as a kiddie platform why would they sensor a game like resident evil 4

ChickeyCantor4152d ago

I don't think its Nintendo's doing, The Wii has a parental lock, one of the reasons Nintendo is more open to games with gore.
i think Capcom wants it to be for the whole family?XD

Stormflood4152d ago

Really, what's the point of the Wii version?

ChickeyCantor4152d ago

FAmitsu gave it a high rating, just because it gives a different experience.

MK_Red4152d ago

I tried to ignore the thougth but this proves and settles one big fact: Wii is a kiddy console. Just when things were getting balanced with MK:Armageddon and Godfather near Super Paper Mario and Mario Party 8, comes a major strike against grown up gamers. Smahe on you Capcom for hurting a great game and shame on you Nintendo for turing Wii into an absolutly childish console.

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The story is too old to be commented.