Lazygamer's Top 5 PSN Games

Geoff from Lazygamer has listed his top 5 PSN games... do you agree?

"The PSN is home to a glut of downloadable games, many of which are shining examples of what can be accomplished by smaller developers. While Xbox Live Arcade may have once undoubtedly had the better games, with Castle Crashers and Braid going multiplatform that crown is now up in the air. What's not debatable though is which service offers the most unique gaming experiences – The PSN comes out on top.

After the jump you'll find some of my very favourite games that grace the PSN store, and there really are so many that whittling them down to the top five is quite an endeavour.

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GrandTheftZamboni3246d ago

I'd add Warhawk and Shatter. And agreed with Super Stardust HD being on the list. It took over Xevious as my favourite arcade style game.

kikicub3246d ago

I had been wanting to experience this for a while. Now with the $5 price everybody should give it a serious try.

It is impressive.