Super Street Fighter IV: Guy, Cody & Adon Official Screenshots

Following the leak of new information concerning new characters set to be included in the forthcoming Super Street Fighter IV earlier this week, Capcom Europe have today released new official screenshots for Guy, Cody and Adon. Super Street Fighter IV is due for a retail release early next year on Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3, and is currently suggested to arrive at a budget price.

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Sano643250d ago

they really need to remodel Cody's face, it looks really weird!

geoholyhart3250d ago

I agree, I like Cody, but he looks off... regardless the new characters with the exception of T.Hawk are all great choices! Granted T.Hawk adds versatility?

The Creep3250d ago

they need to make cody's voice sound a bit more sadder

Athlon3250d ago

Is there a way to tell Capcom this? I mean we all said it about Ryu, but nothing was done. I don't know if they were aware of the public's negative reception to Ryu's art style though.

GeneralMaximus3249d ago

this is lookin interesting.guy is one of my favorites in the alpha series.cody should have more of a rugged jailhouse look to him