Link is Not You

Over the years we have been reminded by the two top minds behind the Zelda series that Link is a representation of the player. It gives reason for him to be silent, and often times gives reason for him to be a somewhat bland character. Still, many gamers hold strong ties that "we are the hero" and as such, things are perfect the way they are. People tend to suggest a lot of crazy things should change in the Zelda franchise, sometimes at the the dismay of many fans. A lot of you are happy the way things are, however, does that mean our viewpoint on the hero may have been wrong all along?

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shaunb843252d ago

off to the forest for me

Schobeleth3250d ago (Edited 3250d ago )

Link being you, in the game, but now it's simply a cop-out in my opinion. I'm a HUGE fan of the Zelda games but I too would love to see some actual character development but we're never going to get it. Between Nintendo being the most stubborn developer in innovating old IPs and the raging Nintendo fanboys we'll probably never see innovation in any of the major Nintendo IPs.

The game they're most willing to change and tout is the Mario franchise but we've all seen waaay too many Mario games and I'm also a fan of the Mario franchise as well.
Throw us a bone Nintendo! Stop avoiding having to innovate with your successful IPs.

Sigh3250d ago (Edited 3250d ago )

I can see why fans are conservative with Link and how far he has come, games have been great so far without having to add depth to his character, same with Mario and others. But Link fits that role to have a background on him and for people to learn about, he just seems to be the guy you always wanted to know about while playing in a Zelda universe. For example, Ocarina of Time, there were little bits of background of how he arrived at the forest, how he was Hylian but raised there, and I always wanted to know more about that because it was so interesting. I'd like for Nintendo to give at least one of their characters, strongly and MAINLY Link to have one primary story/background and not just an iconic character only to be told different tales in different games, that's just me.

YoungKingDoran3250d ago

its a different link in every game (just about) so whats the point

FishCake9T43251d ago

Link is one of the greatest heros of all time.
I would love to see a movie where he and Chris Tucker are trying to hunt down Ganondorf.

n4f3250d ago

just imagine if he was a caracter in zelda
would keep talking and yelling before you you even had the first sword until you finish the game

ThatArtGuy3250d ago

Link is NOT you. He's a REPRESENTATION of you.

Big difference.

Shnazzyone3250d ago (Edited 3250d ago )

completely ignoring all legend of zelda articles from this point until the recent upsurge passes. I swear there has been way too many articles on the LOZ titles and... really.... who care what these people think. Loz means different things to different people and no matter how well written your article on LOZ it is neither going to change what people think about their favorite game franchise or what Nintendo is going to do with the franchise.

God damn there really has been no interesting news lately.

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