Terminal Reality have Natal project in the works

CC: Terminal Reality look to have a huge project on their. According to a few job listings, the Texas development studio is creating a Xbox 360 exclusive that's Natal enabled.

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mj2463246d ago

I think Ghostbusters would definitely work with Natal. Though i don't know if it'll sell that well :/

Xeoset3246d ago

I think that would be pretty epic.

I fully expect Bioware and Lionhead to be adding this to their amazing RPGs. Just think how much it would add to the gameplay? Milo-esque responses all throughout the game thanks to voice recognition and with the facial awareness it has thanks to its built in processor they could even know who you were.

2010 is going to own.

Saaking3246d ago

I want to know how they'll make hardcore games work.

Shotgun_Roamer3246d ago

i would really like to see how this would look done well, wish them the best of luck.

D4RkNIKON3246d ago

As a Sony fanboy, my hopes for Natal are like this.. Either it is going to be great (not expecting it to be) and it might FINALLY gives me a reason to buy a 360. Or it will flop showing it's weakness is not having a controller and I will laugh as this will be 360's last straw in the console war.

HolyOrangeCows3246d ago

It's mostly just going to serve as further distraction from the 360 releasing games for the hardcore audience.

The xbox lineup has already been poor lately, it doesn't need more distractions.

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skewit3246d ago

Jump and skip with Natal, Wand, or Wii

Never. Grown men don't want to do this type of stuff.

Get it in your heads

dpdvxkpizbnwg3246d ago

Can't wait for Natal. It won't be like the Wii and family games. It'll be amazing with FPS'!

dangert123246d ago

Don't Dis miss it Before It's Out
True You Won't Use It All The Time As It Will Have
You As Thin As A Twig In No Time
but don't dis miss it

reintype3246d ago (Edited 3246d ago )

Are you serious? You actually want to play an FPS with NATAL?

Unless you like them dumbed down or ON-RAILS, NATAL can't work as a primary controller for an FPS game. Try playing an FPS game now, then look at your controller, every button you're using there needs to be replicated by NATAL. Movements alone goes to 9 different directions, that's 9 different inputs for NATAL, not only it's going to be a headache remembering them, it's going to be a chore playing it, and that's just the start, because the list goes on. Playing an FPS like this with NATAL, will be too clunky and frustrating to play, and goes against the PRIMARY RULE when playing videogames, which is to relax and have fun.

The only way you could play an FPS with NATAL, is if it's made as a secondary/optional controller for grenades or flashing signs, calling artillery/airstrikes etc., things that you can already do with a normal controller, faster and more efficient too IMO. So my question is, why pay for one?

As for not having FAMILY GAMES like the WII, sorry to break it to you dude, but the main reason MS got into NATAL, is because of the success of the WII with CASUALS. Yep, that means there'll be family games for NATAL, whether you like it or not.

I'm not trying to deflate your optimism, but NATAL is going to be good at games that are made for it not shoehorned to fit it. It will be good for Arcade games, Work-Out games, Turn-Base/RTS, RPG (For NPC interaction/Menu), Point-and-Click Adventure games, Mini-game compilations/Family games, Board Games, Menu Navigation or games that does not require precise or fast inputs.

Anon19743246d ago

Look at me! I'm holding a pretend steering wheel! Faster, car, faster! Now I've got an imaginary gun! Pewww! Pewwww! Take that, Horde!

Now, they could actually surprise me and make this not suck, but I'm not holding my breath. I emphatically do not want to play my games standing in my living room, jumping around like a hyperactive child. I'm not going to be ducking behind furniture, I'm not going to be pointing a pretend gun at the screen.

Did anyone try MOH Heroes 2 on the Wii? It received great reviews but, speaking as a first person shooter fan, it was able to blow and suck both at the same time. You had to hold the Wiimote on your shoulder to launch a rocket. Anyone want to take a guess how much that actually takes you OUT of the game? A lot. Not to mention the constant frustration of when you pointed the Wii-mote just slightly off the screen, then you lose your cursor, then you have to take a second to find it again and guess what! You're now dead!

Natal would have to have perfect, 1:1 tracking with zero lag to make this work and we've seen from the demos it's no where near that. And even if it was, I still wouldn't jump around my living room pointing a pretend gun at the screen.

Natal is for the casual players and children. Leave this for party games because that's what it'll be good at and more power to them.

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Bereaver3246d ago

I hate to say it.... and I'm going by those famous words everyone knows but....

"I'm not a fanboy but....." I think Natal is just toooo slow for the games that developers would like to do with it.

I mean, the wand has hardly any delay at all, it's quick in response.

But out of every video we've seen of natal, it lags behind at least a half a second.

Does everyone know that half a second lag, according to the rules of internet and ping, means 500ms ping? That's horrible......

Anyway, if it doesn't cost an arm and a leg, and it improves a great deal in its response time. I'll buy it for PC.

YES, it's coming to pc.

MetalGearRising3246d ago

Natal = Future and only on xbox360 while others non believers remain in the past.

Bots-in-Denial3246d ago (Edited 3246d ago )

so the future of a last gen console means it will finally catch up with ps3?.. HAHA yupyup but by then ps3 will have the wand to ahnialate Lag-tal so once again 3fixme will be doing the catch up HAHAAAA LOL

bots are the funniest retards out here.
i love it wen you idiots trash talk the ps3. it makes the 360 look even worse then it allready is lol..

H34RT 4TT4CK3246d ago

I disagree, I tend to be neutral on the subject between the PS3 and 360 but I have rarely come across comments trashing the PS3 and praising the 360, but most often the other way around. For that matter I have still delayed buying the PS3 slim because people like YOU make it look bad.

Before you call me a BOT, believe me when I say I love GAMES, and I love to play them too, doesn't matter which console, I just happen to have and Xbox 360 and I very much enjoy the games on it. Sadly I'm missing out on the PS3 side of the fence of games because I would not want to look like a tool like you.

Oh and learn to spell.

STRAIGHTASL3246d ago made me laugh off at you. so you are hypocrite! to tell you the truth, so 360 fanboys and YOU made me lost interesting in xbox 360 because of your stupid comments.
so i quote you, "Before you call me a Droid, believe me when I say I love GAMES, and I love to play them too, doesn't matter which console, I just happen to have and PS3 and I very much enjoy the games on it. Sadly I'm missing out on the 360 side of the fence of games because I would not want to look like a tool like you."

H34RT 4TT4CK3246d ago

I have not attacked the console per se, I have expressed an interest in owning one. I, for one, can admit to some of the faults of the 360 as well as the praise it deserves, and I have the same to say for the PS3. However, despite my claim prior to the last which you, StraightASL, quoted, I have not attacked anything or anyone in particular. In response however, I've recieved 1 agree, and 4 disagree with you attacking me. Something to do with my affiliation?

Yes, my last paragraph can be suited to any gamer, and that's good, I'm so glad it can apply, and hopefully one day I could omit the "tool" bit. But what have you done? You laughed in reply, you attacked me, and with disagrees to boot, why should I bother with the PS3? I mean, after all, you are proving my point.

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