BioWare: Mass Effect 2 DLC will be 'kick-ass'

BioWare co-founder Greg Zeschuk has said that his team has "learned a lot" from Mass Effect's DLC disasters and that DLC for the sequel will be "pretty kick-ass".

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Nihilism3249d ago

Considering they are charging for it, it had damn well better be good. I'd be more impressed if it was free, no matter how terrible it was, the gesture would mean more to me than a paid for product.

Simon_Brezhnev3248d ago (Edited 3248d ago )

i got respect for BioWare but this talk about DLC before full game even released is bullshít. All thanks to microsoft with this DLC crap.

evrfighter3248d ago


I'm sure no one wants to hear how the DLC will "kick-ass"...

I'm sure people would instead like to hear about how Mass effect 2 will kick ass.

Bioware's biggest problems have been with expansion packs and now DLC.

morganfell3248d ago

They lied about the greatness of the DLC in ME1 so I am not stupid enough to jump on the Bioware fanwagon over the very same remarks. I will wait and see. They are the ones with something to prove.

But some people though just keep putting their hand on that hot stove.

Bnet3433248d ago

I don't think BioWare has to prove anything to anyone, DLC or not.

Ausbo3248d ago

The problem is morganfell has never played anything outside of his ps3 so he probably doesn't know the greatness that is bioware.

Bioware have NEVER made a mediocre game. I don't care about the dlc that much, as long as the full game is great. And Bioware doesn't disappoint.

morganfell3248d ago (Edited 3248d ago )

You obviously do not realize the sad truth other people here have been embarrassed to learn...


And Bioware has begun to slip. ME1 was hardly a technical masterpiece and their DLC that required you to restart the game was a joke.

How about that Dragon's Age? How is that for changing gaming... Mediocre at best. They have lost their edge.

LONEWOLF2313248d ago

Nice set up dude, im pretty much the same BUT its my PS3 that is picking up dust and not my 360. Last game i bought was the GOW collection played it once on release day havent touched it since. Its a great game just havent been able to get back to it since most of my gaming sessions are on MW2,L4D2 and AC2 on the 360. Back to topic ,i mean the game isnt even out yet and they are already calming that the DLC is gonna kick ass......successfully release the game then after its out start talking about the DLC and not before.

blogz4fanboyzz3248d ago (Edited 3248d ago )

i would be quiet if i was you

everybody, click the links and read morganfells pure classics.

anyway, cant wait for this game, and doubt i'll be buying the DLC aswell. 2010 is shaping up to be pretty special if you own both consoles

Pebz3248d ago

Still waiting for a developer to promote their upcoming DLC as "boring and not worth buying"... sigh, some day perhaps.

Tony P3248d ago

I don't agree with morg that BioWare is slipping as a whole. ME and Dragon Age are very good. As good as BG or BGII? Hell no. But few devs ever match their very best games. And their latest games have been as impressive and daring as circumstances will allow.

I agree that the DLC for ME was an utter let down. Bring Down the Sky wasn't great and Pinnacle Station was TERRIBLE. And true, Pinnacle Station wasn't made by them technically, but it's deceptive to not come right out and say that.

Anyway, I dunno if it's being with EA, but Dragon Age: Origins has a much much improved approach to DLC. And although I've soured on the idea of DLC, if we're stuck with it you might as well get it right.

morganfell3247d ago

Oooh a change in publishing decisions is your ammunition? It doesn't affect this situation one iota.

You were just shot out of the tree. Also, thanks for revealing your new account king dong 1,2, and 3. I blocked them and your new account gets the same justice.

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cmacdonald3249d ago

I'll be happy if Bioware can figure out 30 fps first.

user8586213249d ago

so don't brag about the actual game but the content you have to pay extra for?........

CAPT IRISH3249d ago

ill believe it when it happens

qwertyuiopasdfghjkl3249d ago

This is a prime example why video games today are a joke. Bioware knows Mass Effect 2 will sell regardless... so why not push back a few features into some DLC, make a few extra thou in the process.

N4G losers and Bioware huggers, don't even start commenting about DLC being developed afterwards, or left out due to time constraints, and how some DLC is free, because I know all of this.

What the general public and casual gamers don't know, is a lot of these so-called "extra content", could have easily been implemented into the initial release.

Why include entertainment, food and drinks into the plane ticket, when you can just get them on board, then let hunger and boredom do the work.

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