New Activision game soon to be announced

CC: Just a couple of days after the LA Times revealed that the Call of Duty series would be getting a third development team, Activision unveiled Sledgehammer Games. A development studio that is currently lead by former Dead Space creators Glen Schofield and Michael Condrey. Their first project is soon to be announced

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BabyStomper50003250d ago

Call of Duty: (insert number/title here)

spinbot_lv13250d ago (Edited 3250d ago )

milk milk milk milk milk

activision: new ideas = zero ---> new IP = zero

dpdvxkpizbnwg3250d ago

Yeah but either way, a Call of Duty title is going to be brilliant!

Shotgun_Roamer3250d ago

i'm so sick of the stuff coming out of activision lately that i will give them the benefit of a doubt, i really want them to wow me... so badly.

sikbeta3249d ago

Oh man, I'm so excited about this news /SARCASM!!!!!!!!!!!

trancefreak3249d ago

i wonder if its some smaller mplayer games for xbl/psn like what ea did with battlefield.


Call of duty: future warfare.

Im such a guesser

zeeshan3249d ago

Now lets see. Hmm... what could it be? Guitar Hero 6? COD WaW 2 or Cod MW3 or hmmm if they are REALLY REALLLYYY innovative, it could be BASS HERO or DRUMS HERO or GROUPIE HERO, no wait, Groupie Hero/Heroine!

Saaking3249d ago

Call of Duty, Guitar Hero or a new "hero" game.

Parapraxis3249d ago (Edited 3249d ago )

Speaking of MW2, Having finished it today and started on Veteran, IGN fails so hard for giving MW2 a 10/10 in graphics.
Actually any site that gave MW2 perfect scores in the graphics dept. fails very hard.
They (IGN) gave UC2 a 10/10 on graphics and it's easy to see why, but then less then a month later awarding MW2 the same score for graphics? all I can say is WTF.

The graphics were nothing short of terrible. It looked like a game from 2006.

And the story is far from EPIC, KZ2 destroys MW2 in story, graphics and gameplay.

Karum3249d ago

The backstore/lore of the KZ universe is pretty deep and engrossing and sets the tone, the gameplay is awesome too as I find COD to be very fact was in GAME yesterday and the manager was telling me most of the usual COD lovers that frequent the store were all trading in Operation Flashpoint because it was apparently too hard for them, or just not as arcadey as MW2.

I just appreciate and loved the realism and immersiveness that KZ2 brought to the table, you felt like you were really in a warzone and what the guy from GG said was right, you don't beat levels in KZ2, you survive them.

Gothdom3249d ago

Come on, everybody knows it's going to be Guitar of Duty.

Well, there are chances of Call of Hero too...

RememberThe3573249d ago

It makes me think of Norse mythology. I wouldn't mind it if they did what SEGA tried to do with Viking. But sadly I'm forgetting that this is Activition and they suck...

TheDeadMetalhead3249d ago

Video Game Hero?
Call of Duty in Space?

I probably shouldn't be giving them any ideas. @[email protected]

starcb263249d ago

i think cod 4 has better graphics than cod mw2

Minimox163249d ago

Call of Duty Hero? or Call of Duty space marine.. or Call of Duty Future Warefare, its the only time that CoD miss... :/

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reintype3250d ago

something with HERO in it?

sikbeta3249d ago

Something with "COD" in it

MW HERO for 2010 lol

Valay3249d ago

Wouldn't be surprised if it was Call of Duty or a Guitar Hero game.

Bots-in-Denial3250d ago

AW MAN,another peripheral to buy. PFFFT not spending ANYTHING on milktivision.

dj555555553249d ago

Let me guess a 4 hour game that will receive nothing but praise

NotSoSilentBob3249d ago

I ment to agree with you not disagree.

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