Brink devs: PS3 technology is 'alien'

Brink is looking to revolutionize the way players look at multiplayer. Splash Damage's latest shooter features a seamless integration between both modes, with an emphasis on accessibility for gamers of all experience levels. As if living up to the innovative premise they've established isn't daunting enough, Splash Damage is also faced with another challenge - transitioning from a PC-only studio to a multiplatform developer.

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Sonyslave33250d ago

LOL Inferior Port Comfirmed!!!

Mr Exclusive3250d ago

-the inferior version of Assassins Creed 2 on the 3-Sh!tty?

-The better version of Red Alert 3 on the PS3?

-Or the Inferior 10 disc version of FF13 on the Flopbox with compressed audio and sub-HD in game cinematics?

-Or the the 576P version of Tomb Raider Underworld on the Crapbox while the PS3 version is in 720P native?

-The better version of Sacred 2 on the PS3?

-Although crap games the better versions of Bionic Commando, Wanted: Weapons of Fate, and Terminator Salvation on the PS3?

-Or the lastest ownage of Dragon Age Origins the first game by Bioware on the Ps3 being vastly better than the 360 version?

QQ much bot?

Saaking3250d ago

While multiplats may look slightly better on the 360 (and that's very debatable), PS3 exclusives look light years away from anything the 360 has. What's your reply to that bot? Let me guess: PS3 exclusives don't sell!!!! LMAO, pathetic.

RockmanII73250d ago


- Command and Conquer on consoles = LOLOLOLOLOL

- LOL, Can't even count.

- Underworld was sh1t, and Ghostbusteres says hi

- Sacred Who?

- "crap games" + Brutal Legend, Boarderlands, and MW2 are all superior on 360. Nice fail.

- Dragon Age Origins on Console. ROFL

All your arguments are wrong, centered on sh1tty games or games that are meant to be played on PC. But of course, the army of PS3 fanboys will disagree with this.

HolyOrangeCows3250d ago

PS3- Batman:AA, Burnout:Paradise, Lost Planet 2
360- GTA4, Fallout 3

"Boarderlands, and MW2 are all superior on 360"
Actually, if you had working eyes, you'd be able to see that the PS3 version of BORDERLANDS (Not "boarder") is better.
And MW2 looks identical when the people comparing it actually made proper adjustments (See Cynamite's comparison) instead of running it on the factory settings like most of them do.

chrisulloa3250d ago

LOL hold on, you just mentioned about 10 titles that scored less than 80 on metacritic. Dragon Age has been the only exception anyone cares about, and that game was built from the ground up to accommodate PC gamers.

I can name about a thousand titles that are better on 360 than PS3. Orange Box, MW2, Bayonetta, Elder Scrolls. Lol the list goes on.

Anyways, go ahead and live behind those fanboy goggles the rest of this gen. I'll be the one laughing at you while you play a gimped system.

The 13250d ago

The PS3 version has inferior textures and is blurry and washed out.

piramides303250d ago

Probably you're right.....but......WTF... we have already Kz2.

Rocco Siffredi3250d ago

AC2 is superior on the 360, many magazines confirmed that. Lensoftruth also stated that the PS3 version has framerate issues to 21 FPS while the 360 version runs mostly at 30 FPS.

BRINK is THE game which will look better than KZ2 and uncharted2.. also RAGE is comming with the new ID TECH 5 Engine (brink = id tech 4). Both games will destroy every PS3flopExclusive so the cell will also be confirmed as a flop.

talltony3250d ago

Your comments have a higher failure rate than the 360 itself.

TheTruth20093250d ago (Edited 3250d ago )

Stay on topic, Sony Fans.
We don't care about your low-selling exclusives.
We don't care about the all-mighty Playstation Brand.

As a matter of fact... NO ONE CARES. :-)

We just work with proof and evidence that PS3 is NEVER going to be dominant EVER AGAIN.

Let's see how many PS3 Fans mention Naughty Dog.
Or disrepect this developer.
Or call other developers "lazy".

You just don't understand. And obviously, never will.

Keep dreaming that the PS3 will "secure more exclusives".

Developers are too smart for that.
And revenue is too tight for that.

And remember, SONY FANS DONT BUY GAMES. Sorry.

Just stay myopic and blind. It's what you do best.

cyborg69713250d ago

What's that truth I can't here you over that loud one bubble you have worthless moron.

HolyOrangeCows3250d ago (Edited 3250d ago )

"I can name about a thousand titles that are better on 360 than PS3...MW2"
You xbots are some ignorant folk. Again, see the Cynamite comparison in which they actually adjust settings.

Then again, you would probably be too stupid to figure out how to change the factory settings on your systems, just like most of the "Professional" gaming sites these days.

What's that, truth? I can't hear your pathetic troll jabber over the fact that you have no bubbles.

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gauntletpython3250d ago

Good to see they hired some experienced devs. This game is gonna kick ass, but just based on their history, I think I'll get it for the PC regardless.

Saaking3250d ago (Edited 3250d ago )

Yea, but once they learn it, they'll be amazed at what the PS3 can do for their games. Props to them for actually learning to use it instead of insulting something they don't understand yet (like certain others).

Darkeyes3250d ago

Wow, they nabbed in KZ2 level designer. If you don't know anything about the PS3, that is one guy you would like to have by your side. Also, programmers for Heavenly Sword... Good to see people bringing in PS3 first party help (3rd party in case of HS) to explain stuff....

Zedux3250d ago

wish them luck developing for the beast that the PS3 is but they need to put time and effort to give PS3 gamers the kind of experience our exclusives are giving us or else they will fall in the huge list of average games!

Maddens Raiders3250d ago (Edited 3250d ago )

i think they hear you...

"In simple terms, Brink is a cross between Killzone 2 and Mirror's Edge, with the addition of co-op. One of the producers of Killzone 2 is working on this game, and it shows.

A lot of the design, the way the character runs, and the environments look like Killzone 2, except more colorful. Then there's the way you can control the character. Similar to Mirror's Edge, Splash Damage have used blended animations to allow you to jump over obstacles when sprinting towards them. You can also slide under obstacles, in the same way as Mirror's Edge."

Working with the leads from Heavenly Sword and KZ is a great start in getting the most effort and ensuring they will not fail. This ((should)) be the best console version with these heavyweights' input. Can't wait.

Darkstorn3250d ago

As long as this isn't an excuse to make a lackluster port, I'm fine with it. The game looks great, by the way.

mastiffchild3250d ago

vvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvv vvvvvvvvvva\If only, and I'm not saying they should still even work on platforms they don't want to-why should anyone?-Valve had said something like this right at the start when instead, Gabe just started knocking the PS3 AND Sony. Had this been their response back then everything would have slipped by without causing offense or making a great dev look a little amateur or even fanboyish-given Gabe's own MS filled past it was always going to be looked atwith some very guarded eyes. The to them it's "alien" and hard to "get their head around" is a great and honest way to put it that doesn't put anyone's nose out of joint and it doesn't matter that they're making a PS3 game or not(though hiring top quality P3 experienced devs is a clever, clever move imo)-it's just a sensible and frank way of explaining themselves. Kudos for that, SD.

Oh, and kudos for both the fact that Brink is such an ambitious title to bring to multipleplatforms(esp when it's your first PS3 game!)and the determunation shown intrying to make sure every gamer gets a bggreat version to play when this releases. I've been following it for a while and they seem to have garnered some very good press from preview demos the media have played and the things they've had explained to them about the game and it's backstory and it's wildly ambitious and seamless milyi player and SP modes. Looks like it could be a real stand out shooter that offers a little more than the usual meat andtwo veg shooters can manage these days.

-OmarJA-3250d ago

PS3 hardware is the future, ya?

sikbeta3250d ago

We all know that is Alien Technology...

shovelbum3250d ago

It's great to see a developer admit something isn't familiar to them and then hire people who know what the hell they are doing to fix that issue, instead of porting a POS broken game over to the PS3. Kudos to Splash Damage. Hope the game turns out as good as it sounds.

zeeshan3250d ago

Hey fanboys (valve), can you read this? THAT'S how you progress in life!

Ju3250d ago (Edited 3250d ago )

Well, long as the result is not like AC2, its all good.

I highly doubt it'll push the PS3 to its limits, though. That said, I rather expect their "KZ2-MirrorsEdge-Clone " looking like AC2 (at best).

raztad3250d ago (Edited 3250d ago )

I dont know why some of you are excited because a KZ2 level designer was hired.
At any rate that guy will only make Brink to have the same art style, level design of KZ2, but the tech behind the engine is handled by the tech guys not by him.

If Splash Damage is having troubles with the PS3 arch they need: talk with ND, Sony Santa Monica and GG for advices on how to improve SPUs utilization and with Zipper for optimizing the netcode (what MAG does in unbelievable)

SD needs as well to nab some experienced programmers from said companies.

So far Brink hasnt been shown off running on a PS3. That scares me a lot. No more Bayonetta fiacoes please.

KageMonkey3250d ago

Saaking is absolutely right. It makes no sense for developers to insult or complain about the PS3 architecture. It only goes to show their lack of understanding of the technologies involved and how poor their programming skills are.

Having worked with hundreds of software developers, the ones who complain about the difficulty of programming are usually the ones who has been hand-held by Microsoft Development Environments or ones who has absolutely no clue about different computing architectures. The best developers that I've seen are usually guys who has worked with firmware and can make the hardware sing in harmony.

While working with tools that does everything for you, Microsoft developers are so used to having their hands-held, they usually lack the understanding necessary to optimize and develop for consoles.

Instead of the everyday programmers who has been hand-held by Microsoft GUI tools, companies need to start hiring knowledgeable Engineering graduates with in-depth understanding of both software AND hardware.

Ju3250d ago (Edited 3250d ago )

Game development shifts from a programming heavy cycle to a more art driven process. At least so it seams. However, I agree, that studios, who can combine technology and art are the ones who deliver the best experiences.

The world is run by accountants, though, and if you would see that from that perspective, then you'd say, you have n amount of people in the development process who know what a pixel is, or 1 (who does it for all others). n more expensive then 1.

That is how MS sells their dev tools since forever. Until everybody who bought into that finds out, they have to hire the people with skills, anyhow. But at least you spent half the money to get started until you realize you payed twice eventually (never heard that before, huh ?).

Some people think, buying 3rd party engines saves you a ton of money. It does. But it doesn't help you if you sell an below average game.

@raztad. Yeah, Bayonetta. Damn, had played GoW3 (Demo) this morning. There is certainly no excuse that a fighting/action game is limited by the HW...because it certainly is not.

cmrbe3250d ago

Its Skynet tech i say.

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Shotgun_Roamer3250d ago

Neil Alphonso f.t.w. it smells like a success already

Shotgun_Roamer3250d ago (Edited 3250d ago )

clarification: not that they don't have intiative for (the most difficult platform to develop for) already ,but to get the most out of the machine.

RememberThe3573250d ago

Third-party devs have been really tackling the PS3 recently. I remember, last year I think, when Sony went around to all the devs and showed then better ways to use the PS3. Seems their efforts are baring fruit lately.

The 13250d ago (Edited 3250d ago )

I hope this statement and the 360 version only being shown so far has nothing to do with "To me as a game director there are some things that are just alien, like PlayStation 3 technology and job systems, that I find it really difficult to get my head around,"

The devs saying this and the PS3 media doing preemptive damage control is not a good sign. This is one of the greatest looking games on consoles up there with Alan Wake, Rage and Crysis 2 in graphical quality(texture quality/lighting/effects/anima tions)

Saaking3250d ago (Edited 3250d ago )

We haven't seen anything of Crysis 2, nothing of Rage on consoles, and Alan Wake looks OK (although it does look amazing....for a 360 game).

I think you meant to compare it to KZ2, UC2, and GOWIII; however, Brink on consoles won't come anywhere near these PS3 exclusives. Sorry, but it's the truth

3250d ago
LeonSKennedy4Life3250d ago

Overhyped or not...

Graphics or not...

...Brink will be a good game.

I can guarantee you that it won't be as good as Heavy Rain or The Last Guardian. Nothing will.

However, it will be amazing. That is all. Thank you.

Saaking3250d ago

What? I didn't understand what you were trying to say. How about you use some punctuation (I'm not asking for a lot, just some basic commas). Anyways, from what I did get, you tried saying Brink's graphics are amazing which they are...on PC. Like I said, the console versions won't come close to PS3 exclusives.

The 13250d ago (Edited 3250d ago )

Stop pretending you're not a PS3 fanboy.

This Article is damage control this is why all the private conferences showing Brink behind the scenes have been the 360 version(even the once leaked footage). The dev is pointing out issues and the pro PS3 media is doing damage control.

Also Alan Wake was once shown only from "PC Tech demos" and the 360 build of Alan Wake is superior to it, just in case you try to say the Crysis 2 demo won't be anything like a the game.

Also in the Crysis video I posted shows the PC and the 360 versions to be more similar in graphics, the PS3 version looks like any other PS3 game when photo realism is trying to be achieved.

Saaking3250d ago

The PC version of Alan Wake looked MILES ahead of the 360 so you're wrong there. Like I said, Alan Wake looks amazing...for a 360 game. And did you just say Pro-PS3 media? yea right.

3250d ago
Why o why3250d ago

Uncharted 2 And Killzone 2 is ALL the damage control the ps3 needs....whas the 360 got......Batman AA. Best looking game on the 360 since gears...maybe its you in damage control blade

Maddens Raiders3250d ago

Splash has a good challenge ahead of them, but that's what pioneers do -- they take up challenges"

"Splash Damage is also faced with another challenge - transitioning from a PC-only studio to a multiplatform developer. It's a task that has concerned Splash Damage from the onset of the project, especially in regards to the complex architecture of the PS3."

..and when your new to "the path", then you get trailblazers & guides who can guide your party down the right paths:

"the London-based studio has hired some of the best talent around to help develop for the consoles, including Heavenly Sword's lead programmer Dean Calver and Killzone 2's lead level designer Neil Alphonso."

..the 1, it sounds like you have a hidden agenda, or are very easily excitable. Either way, why don't we wait until the game actually comes out before waging a completely hypothetical, "PS3 media is using damage control & the sky is falling agghhh!" campaign?

RememberThe3573250d ago

Even though I see what your saying, I'm not too sure that this is damage control. This not saying anything positive or negative. The article points out that the director is not used to development for the PS3, but that the studio has hired people who are. That is all, and it seems we're all kind of reading too much into this.

ultimolu3250d ago

...Just wow.

Keep waving around that FUD why don't you? You have no idea what you're even talking about and you should quit while you're ahead.

Ju3250d ago

I have a pretty hard time playing anything after UC2 (and the GoW3 demo I got today - well, and KZ2). Its really awful how those games spoiled my expectations now. Given that most of those "other" games are pretty much on par with 360 games, I highly doubt, a Multiplatform game will ever meet those expectations - if the developers don't start writing specific PS3 versions anytime soon (that is, full HDD streaming and better SPU utilization for graphics). None ever has so far, maybe Rage will, and CryEngine (after its next optimization cycle).

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i_am_interested3250d ago

not surprised to hear another one of these pc devs with no console experience talking to the media about how developing for the ps3, a console, is tough to wrap their head around

at least theyre not complaining about it