Napoleon: Total War - Imperial Edition Announced

Sega revealed today that Napoleon: Total War will be available in two forms: a standard edition and a more expensive Imperial Edition. So what's in this magical bundle?

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StarScream4Ever3274d ago

As much as I enjoy the Total War series I am disappointed that Napoleon will reign as a full game expansion instead of an expansion. But non the less, I shall accept the Emperor's demand and purchase the Imperial edition. XD

Lets-Game3274d ago

I hate when they always try to advance game styles in time.. rome total war was the best followed by barbarian, alexander etc.. but then they make medieval which was nice but less fun and then they move to rifles etc.. soon we will have modern warfare total war... lame tbh. I want new rome: total war or something around that time period where there are just raw bows and swords!

Perjoss3274d ago

You like swords, some people like AK47s, its hard to keep everyone happy, personally I would love to see how they would tackle a world war 1 or world war 2 total war game.

EvilCackle3274d ago

Not World War II. Everyone does World War II.

YoMeViet3274d ago

they should go back to their roots, Shogun 2: Total War i say!

3272d ago