Amazon Reveals PS3 Slim Black Friday Bundle

"Amazon is set to kick off their Black Friday Deals this evening with a sweet deal on a PS3 Slim.

They will be offering the PS3 Slim 120GB w/ Infamous and Killzone 2 for $299.99. In addition, they will be throwing in a free $10 Amazon Credit on Black Friday.

The deal is set to go live around 3:00 am EST on Black Friday!"

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Dipso3245d ago

Now that is a fantastic bundle and a great opportunity for more people to play these two titles.

CrazzyMan3245d ago (Edited 3245d ago )

Amazon: 120GB PS3 system inFAMOUS and Killzone 2 for $299 and $10 Amazon promotional credit.

Best Buy: 120GB PS3 system with LittleBigPlanet: Game of the Year and Ratchet and Clank Future: A Crack in Time $299.

GameStop: 120GB PS3 system with God of War Collection (1 & 2) and LittleBigPlanet: Game of the Year $299.

Sony Style: 120GB PS3 system with UNCHARTED: Drake’s Fortune and inFAMOUS $299.

Walmart: 120GB PS3 system with inFAMOUS and Batman Arkham Asylum, plus the Dark Knight Blu-ray Disc Movie $299.

And have GREAT gaming experience, there is no more excuses in not getting one today!

MetalGearRising3245d ago

No thanks i already have a Top of The Range Console (xbox360) with high definition state of the art graphics unsurpassable by any other console out so no thanks keep your last gen deal.

achira3245d ago

lol what a moron. how can you be so desillusional ? ms brainwashing at it finest.

xxPIETROxx3245d ago (Edited 3245d ago )

was that a joke? even 360 owners would admit PS3 is more powerful, but argue 360 has better games (which it doesn't XD)

The Iron Sheik3245d ago

You really don't believe your own bulls**t anymore do you?

krisq3245d ago

And two great games! You can't go wrong for that price.

Sir Ken_Kutaragi3245d ago

...oh yeah in the BARGAIN BINS at the back of the Shop!!! ;-D

tawak3245d ago

and where are the red rings and error A to Z customer returns go?
-junkyard near the shop

free3sixty3245d ago

lol with KZ2 and inFamous.. the two games which got their hype and flopped!!

haha... Desperate SOny.. they put this games into a bundle on black friday to get 500k more units sold for that games.


Sez 3245d ago

well tis is the only way sony can move their exclusive by giving them away for free. this is how sony inflate their game sales. can't include bundled games as games sold.

xcox3245d ago

just imagining the 100000s of gamers who are gonna discover KZ2 thanks to that bundle and realize what an amazing game it is brings a smile on my face.

and then, you butt hurt b!tching about it on n4g: priceless


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The story is too old to be commented.