Reflect Missile details

New details regarding the DSiWare game, Reflect Missile.

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Madusha3247d ago

Reflect Missile? Haven't heard of it.

"Somewhere around 200 stages", "Similar to Block Breaker/Arkanoid with Space Invaders mixed in"

Sounds very interesting.

Hisiru3247d ago

Very interesting indeed.

200 stages? Woow!

SpoonyRedMage3247d ago

It's made by Q-Games by the way.

xabmol3246d ago

"Reflect Missile details
November 26th, 2009 Posted in DS, News, Written by Valay

- Out on the European DSi Shop
- Not an Art Style title
- Similar to Block Breaker/Arkanoid with Space Invaders mixed in
- Strategical rather than fast-paced
- 500 points
- Somewhere around 200 stages

Thanks to Gavin for the news tip!"

^This is all I see.^

So how do we know it's a Q game?

xabmol3246d ago (Edited 3246d ago )

Double post. -_-

SpoonyRedMage3245d ago

It was on the patent and also it's already released on the European DSiware and it says so when you laod it up.:P

3245d ago