Will Exposed PS3 Power Result In Even More Exclusives?

It has become abundantly clear that games exclusive to the PlayStation 3 hold the edge in terms of overall quality and pushing the envelope; in gaining a new technical foothold in this era.

Furthermore, it's hardly a stretch to believe future exclusives like Gran Turismo 5, God of War III and Heavy Rain will be gigantic hits, and will likely act as more measuring sticks and benchmarks for the generation.

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Zedux3248d ago

yes! we will continue to see an increase in PS3 exclusives and what's best they will continue to push quality and graphics!

3248d ago
StanLee3248d ago (Edited 3248d ago )

No if they continue to sell anemicly. The cost of producing a triple A title this gen is upwards of 60 million dollars. To have the game on one console already provides obstacles. Games have to make an impact at retail. I hope Heavy Rain sells well; we need more developers that push the envelope in story telling in video games.

Maddens Raiders3248d ago (Edited 3248d ago )

"It has become abundantly clear that games exclusive to the PlayStation 3 hold the edge in terms of overall quality and pushing the envelope; in gaining a new technical foothold in this era."

..but PlayStation owners will also be getting them [1st party titles] quicker, a la KZ3 2010, because the ease of programming for the system is increasing as well; not to mention all of the incredible feedback they're getting back from houses like Naughty Dog, PD, GG and Insomniac. Not only does this make me excited for future PS3 titles, but very happy in my investment.

ThatCanadianGuy3248d ago

Obvious fake account is obvious

xTruthx3248d ago (Edited 3248d ago )

Well companies like insomniac, tecmo, section 5, etc do exclusives for the PS3 for free while other companies have to pay to get exclusives or have games on their system.

Saaking3248d ago

Devs want to actually move forward and the only way that's gonna happen is through PS3. In my opinion, games should be optimized for the PS3 and then ported down to the 360 (kinda like games are ported down to the Wii). That way PS3 owners can enjoy the quality they want and 360 owners can get to play the game (though inferior). Look at MW2 and look at KZ2. The difference is IMMENSE.

Bloodshoteyz3248d ago

but i have to say that these types of articles are music to my ears, and yes they make me really appreciate my investment with Sony :D

moparful993248d ago

That my friend is the giant elephant in the middle of the room.. Non sony oriented gamers are quick to point out the higher, albeit minimal amount of quality of multiplats on the 360 while all together ignoring the abundantly clear level of quality of ps3 exclusives.. Why has multiplats become so important to this generation? As everyone has pointed out its the bobby kotick effect. Activision has shown just how much profit you can make off of mutliplat titles so the parent companies i.e. funding sources for games are demanding that level of profitability... So in the gaming industry as in all those before it the corporate mentality is taking over...

Cyrax_873248d ago

Okay I'm starting to think that GametimeUK actually has a PS3 and just enjoys arguing with you guys. Either that or he's just really stupid.

gaffyh3248d ago

@StanLee - Uncharted 2 only cost $20 million to produce, and is arguably one of the best games ever made. Enough said.

DelbertGrady3248d ago

I think most devs go with the best offers. They look at how much ROI they can get.

Why o why3248d ago (Edited 3248d ago )

what are you babbling about, no offence but what are these anaemic sales compared to. Haven't you noticed that these anaemic sales you speak of musta been enough for games like motorstorm, resistance, uncharted to all spore sequels. Seems you guys have nothing much positive to say...anaemic...... what a silly excuse for trying to sound objective because for every halo type game theres a shadowrun or forza 2 or what about the glut of 'used to be only on xbox' rpgs...what about those or something else that doesnt hit 6 million yet i never see any complaints or 'anaemic' comments made....why is that?

Let me clear this up alittle...Games DONT need to sell 3+ million to be a success. Yes if every dev within the studio wants a bently coup then yes it does need to hit 5+ but if the game makes a profit AND is a good game to the point where a sequel is considered then that IS a success. Gt5p outsold forza 2 but does that mean forza sales were anaemic. Heavy rain will NOT hit the numbers of a gt5 or halo nor does it need to...nobody is expecting a niche game to appeal to everybody

3tothe6tothe0tothemc3248d ago

Right I mean all the 360 has comng up for 2010 is Halo reach, Crackdown 2, Deadly premonition, Alan Wake,Fable 3, Metro 2013(which has graphics that are unmatched)Splinter cell, Mass effect 2,hydrophobia, project natal, a ton of natal games that are yet announced,ninety-nine nights 2,seriously how can they compete with that list of Xclusives.
Haha, sony fanboys make me laugh.

3tothe6tothe0tothemc3248d ago

I just don't see the ps3 competing with the arsenal of xbox exclusives in 2010. It is almost unfair. Natal has more marketing power than anything the ps3 has coming, and that's not even considering the ton of good 360 exclusives coming next year.

sikbeta3248d ago

Obviously, the PS3 only have 3 years on the market and is not fully maxed out PLUS Sony have more than ENOUGH First Party Devs to make more EXCLUISVES

gaffyh3248d ago

@1.11 - The PS3 matches those exclusives and raises you quality. I could list them, but can't be bothered lol.

Where's Crazzyman when you need him?!??

DaTruth3248d ago

"Unmatched graphics"; That's what you said about LP2, and look at that crap! Nothing close to PS3 exclusives. Please stop using unreleased games that will get you owned upon release for graphical comparisons.

Is that MS's plan? Hold off exclusives for the whole 2009, so you can say in 2010, we have almost as many exclusives as PS3!

ViciousBoston3247d ago

LOL. 3-6-0 you make me giggle like a schoolgirl.

God of War, Gran Turismo 5, Heavy Rain, and Modnation Racers already beat your list there buddy. GoW will sell 4+ Million in the first 2 months with longer legs, GT5 will sell 5+ million and move a whole ton of consoles, Modnation Racers will sell 1-2 Million with it being for a crowd that loves Kart racers and going off the LBP community. Your precious 360 will have to use multiple discs and Microsoft is losing tons of exclusives to PS3 now.

Lets not forget 3DDotHeroes/Agent/Resistance 3/Killzone 3/Starhawk/Syphon Filter/Twisted Metal/Final Fantasy XIII and Versus/Persona 5/White Knight Cronicles. The only notable 360 exclusives are Halo:Reach and Splinter Cell: Conviction.

To everyone: Sorry for fanboy rant but this man had it ccming.

wpggamer3247d ago

Another fanboy with a fanboy list. Let's start adding sequels that don't exist yet, and make bold statements that we couldn't possibly know anything about, and thus be as useful as medical advice from a mechanic. Then end the comment with, pwned or lolz.

Good one dude! Keep them coming, it's only been 4 years of this crap, I've not seen enough yet.

On topic, sorry but it seems unlikely that KZ2 is going to sway a developer. Besides, it's the publishers that make those calls, not the devs. More multiplats are likely, look at MW2. Those guys are rolling around in a pile of money now, wiping their asses with it. Saying, lolz, or pwned, or teh moneyz yay!

Dandiego3247d ago

Killzone drops to 20 frames in some areas. The controls are bad. God of War and Gran Turismo are not out yet. Playstation employees really have taken over N4G and its a shame. remember all I want for Christmas is a PSP... Sony paid for that ad and they are still doing propaganda in websites like this one. Uncharted is not superior to Modern Warfare so its not true PS3 exclusives are better quality.

jessupj3247d ago

Like the article says, it's very clear PS3 exclusives this gen are of a much higher calibre than their 360 counterparts. And to the guy above me actually saying MW2 is a higher quality game than UC2, well, very very blind or haven;t played them both for a significant period of time. I bet you wanted MW2 to be better than UC2 so bad that you made yourself see it.

Back to the article, while it would be nice if it happened, it's not going to. Most multiplatform devs value profits a LOT more then making a spectacular exclusive. So while individuals in the team might long push the boundaries and produce greater worker then they have ever done thanks to the advanced hardware of the PS3, the boys and girls up stairs have the final say, and their only interested in money and looking good for their shareholders.

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-GametimeUK-3248d ago

The problem with developing on PS3 is its too tough to get used to the architecture, whilst on the 360 you are more likely to create a great looking game at a much quicker rate and get it on the market ASAP... For this reason and the fact the 360 will have the highest install base out of the 2 consoles this gen, if I was a 3rd party developer and wanted to release an exclusive I would choose the 360...

I mean games like Killzone2 look good, but look how long it was in development and it still couldnt match Gears of War 2 in terms of visuals...

Zedux3248d ago

man you better take that back or else your bubbles will disappear.

ZombieAutopsy3248d ago

LOL your argument was almost decent until u said Kz2 couldnt match Gears 2 in visuals.

Besides im pretty sure the only ps3 exclusives with dev times over 2 or 3 years have been Kz2 and GT5 and it shows.

Darkeyes3248d ago (Edited 3248d ago )

Lol, you guys should have heard what he said the other day... Halo is better looking than KZ2 and I literally feel from my chair. That is what I call a true 360 fanboy who still hasn't seen anything beyond Halo in his life. At least this time he uses a game which comes to knee length of KZ2 in graphics.

ABizzel13248d ago

LOL. Gears 3 won't look better than Killzone 2 unless it comes out on MS next console.

Obama3248d ago

Well Gamertime UK did say halo 3 is better looking than UC2 or kz2, so I am not surprised that he made another delusional comment.

-GametimeUK-3248d ago

Guys stop being fanboys for once in your lives and just let a guy have is opinion. Its like me and LastPlaceConsole are the only truthful unbias people on the N4G... We call it as we see it...

whothedog3248d ago (Edited 3248d ago )

I have yet to see a game that looks better than Uncharted 1 on the 360, but hey, maybe I just haven't seen it or am not recalling it at the moment.

But I believe that it isn't impossible for the 360 to get good looking games on the system, they just need to use a new engine, like maybe Reach will look good since they aren't using the same engine as Halo 2. And Multiplatform games like Rage and others should look good as well.

But I am from the show me state as a guy I used to work with would say, show me and than I will believe, until then you are just talking.

kahlop3248d ago

Come on people...fanboys feed from our comments, that's whats makes them continue to troll. If you pay attention to them, then they will just get stronger and stronger. SOLUTION: Ignore them. Don't let them see that you have interest in debating the BS they come up with. IGNORE them. That way, they will slowly realize that trolling won't have any impact in what they say, and will slowly fade away. Don't even disagree with them, just let them live in their world where "Halo 3 looks better than KZ2". (Sorry for my English, i'm learning it ;)).

weazel3248d ago

"Its like me and LastPlaceConsole are the only truthful unbias people on the N4G."
That may be because you're the same person.
Crazy folk say it how they see it, but that doesn't mean I have to listen to their ranting. Most adults tend to moderate what they say, but you probably wouldn't understand that yet. You excited getting ready for your 13th birthday?

ShAkKa3248d ago

Hey nice to see a fellow Dominican here on this site :)

PrinceJohnny3248d ago

I laughed so loud reading that! LOL.

Bloodshoteyz3248d ago

And the time frame on developing awesome exclusives for the PS3 are becoming shorter now that the new tech involved is becoming easier for dev's to work on.

Saaking3248d ago

Wow gametime, I'm kinda worried here. I don't know you, but if you actually believe what you just said you should really get yourself checked. you could be sick or something.

iron_sheik3248d ago

even Uncharted 1 looks a tad better than any x360 exclusive. compare gears 2 to ps2 games. thats more appropriate

ico923248d ago (Edited 3248d ago )

the perfect example of a dellusional 360 fanboy

Rhythmattic3248d ago (Edited 3248d ago )


Geow looks better than K2 ?

Is your last or middle name "Denial" ?

Either way, your opinion is in the minority. (or the Majority = Fanboy)

I agree , we disagree.

SaiyanFury3248d ago

@2.0 GameTimeUK

I can see your point. As with the PS3, the PS2 was originally criticised for it's complexity in the beginning. Developers did figure out the hardware. The original God of War was astonishing for me. 4x antialiasing (or so it looks like) combined in progressive scan locked into 60FPS. I thought that kind of performance was only available on the original Xbox. On top of that we saw games like Radiata Stories, Valkyrie Profile 2 which were incredibly detailed with great surround sound.

I can't compare the Gears of War games to the original Uncharted, as I've never played a GeOW game. What I do know is that Uncharted 2 is a benchmark to judge PS3 and other games against. It's technologically the most advanced game this generation. From the graphical detail to the action that goes on on-screen, it's incredible. In the Tibetan city, avoiding the chopper shooting at you, while you're avoiding enemy fire, while a building is collapsing with you inside it, is very awesome. The level with you advancing on the train while it speeds through the Himalayan countryside is epic in and of itself. The PS3 delivers some truly amazing games, that are both technologically superior as well as being artistically superior.

The Xbox 360 delivers some great games, and I have some of them. But nothing I have seen on the 360 can compare to the PS3 in terms of edge-pushing performance.

zeeshan3248d ago (Edited 3248d ago )

Omg! Yikes! It's all the heat coming from X360 that's melting his brains! I don't play my 360 for more than 2 hours cuz I am afraid, it might start a fire or something and I have got a Jasper! Yes, it produces enough heat to melt your brain lol! Dude, after KILLZONE 2, there is NOTHING on my 360 that I could compare with KZ2's quality, let alone Uncharted 2 or upcoming titles. Face the truth, SONY is NAILING 360 10 feet under the ground with their high quality AAA exclusives.

ultimolu3248d ago (Edited 3248d ago )


Something is wrong with you 360 fans as of late, ya? But anyway, kahlop is right. Ignoring helps.'re unbelievable. Gears and Killzone 2 shouldn't EVEN be used in the same sentence, not to mention Uncharted and Halo. Unless you've actually played Killzone 2 and Uncharted/Uncharted are in NO position to compare them to the likes of Halo and Gears of War.

Nikuma3247d ago

You guys know that Gametime is just trolling you all... and hes doing a really good job.

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Sonyslave33248d ago

LOL but the sales say other wise peace.

ZombieAutopsy3248d ago (Edited 3248d ago )

but i guess since none of those have the word halo or gears in it they dont count right?? Its not like they even have a bad amount of sales but according to bot logic they do...but i guess thats only if their ps3 exclusives...but what should i expect from 15 year olds who just started gaming 4-7 years ago. Oh and dont forget the xbox360 has an install base of about 4-8million more so i think should be taken into account too.

Admiral_Benson3248d ago

Ah, good old Sales..............yawn.

I'd rather have a steady stream of new exclusives that maybe don't shift record numbers than a couple of uber-hyped games a year that do.

Sales figures are not going to provide me with hours of gaming entertainment and enjoyment. New and exciting exclusives will.

Besides, these sales figures clearly can't be as bad as you make out....otherwise devs wouldn't be looking at making said exclusives in the first place would they?

Some devs are actually motivated by trying to produce new, exciting and innovative games that raise the bar in technical achievement and quality rather then pumping out rehashes and spin offs of the same tired franchises year after year in order to make an easy buck.

Keep on playing your sales if that makes you happy. I'll be enjoying the games.

The Iron Sheik3248d ago

Bot logic 101

When owned mention sales immediately. Ignore the year head start and the fact that the 360 has been in 3rd for the past 2 months.

ultimolu3248d ago

And sales doesn't equal quality does it? As long as first party games have quality, sales will always come second. But of course 360 fanboy trolls such as yourself will never understand that, You will continue to live in the world where Microsoft can do no wrong. :-)

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swiftshot933248d ago

I think its more the amazing developers at Sony's hand then it is the power of the PS3, but that definitely does take into play.

The future can only be brighter, of course.

Bathyj3248d ago

Its a little from column A and a little from column B I think.

Would Schumacher be so good without Ferrari? He would still be a great driver no doubt, but would he be so dominate?

Mnemonic-DK3248d ago

It would be more correct to ask if he would be so dominant without Ross Brawn - And that's coming from a lifelong Ferrari tifosi! :D

Skyreno3248d ago

what i really like to see is Nomura Pushing The limit of ps3 with game called ... everyone knows it..... Final fantasy Versus 13 :)

seifer0853248d ago

That game can be one of my most anticipated of all time!!!1

ultimolu3248d ago

I sure as hell hope so.