Media Create hardware sales (11/16 - 11/22)

Media Create has published the latest hardware sales figures from Japan, including official DSi LL data.

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randomwiz3247d ago (Edited 3247d ago )

DSi ll is what i call milking hardware.

look at that list, there are 3 different ds's on there.

Hisiru3247d ago (Edited 3247d ago )

"there are 3 different ds's on there."
Yes, because the DS can survive more than the PSP.

Sony developed:
-PSP 1000 (Fat)
-PSP 2000
-PSP 3000
4 models

Nintendo developed:
-DS Fat
-DS Lite
4 models
If Nintendo is milking, Sony is milking as well.

sunnygrg3247d ago

Will the Wii ever beat the PS3 again?

presto7173247d ago

If its beating the wii now, what will happen when Final Fantasy XIII comes out only on ps3 in Japan, or when GT5 and God of war 3 come out next year.

Not to talk of unforeseen exclusives, new ips and sleeper hits (Demons souls 2 any one...) that might be coming out in the future.

Trey all the way..

Jamescagney3247d ago

Well the wii's sold more this week than last week, while the ps3 has sold less, so who can tell really.

heroicjanitor3247d ago

That's one explanation for the bump.

Hisiru3247d ago (Edited 3247d ago )

I don't know but I don't think so. FFXIII is coming but we will have to see what happens when DQX is launched for the Wii.

I was showing that Sony developed 4 models just like Nintendo did with the DS but they aren't milking in my opinion.

sikbeta3247d ago

Both of you what the HELL are you talking about

PSP different redesign models and DS as well, not milking here, you make it sound like if both are Activision products lol

"PS3 – 34,752
Wii – 32,844"

Well that's good considering there isn't a game that JAPAN is REALLY interested, you know they have different tastes like giant boobs, good RPGs, Niche tittles... like ME in some way

We'll see what happen in December, is not gonna be a surprise either, JAPAN love FF series...

callahan093247d ago

Well, it's official. The PS3 has outsold the 360 in Japan by over half a million since September.

Totals 08/31/09 - 11/22/09:
PS3 - 585,020
Wii - 309,875
360 - 58,851

morganfell3247d ago

This is twice Famitsu estimated the PS3 and Wii were tied only to discover later they were off the mark.

Saaking3247d ago

PS3 is still #1. Sony must be very pleased.

sugard03246d ago

I think its the Japanese public that are milking the cow. The companies are just providing the source. The Japanese dont need to milk nor drink it, yet they choose too. Who blaims Sony and Nintendo.... I know I would do the same if I owned one of the two companies?

randomwiz3245d ago

the psp ones are hardware revisions

ok fine, I admit that ds to dsi is a hardware revision, but dsi to dsi LL... come on...

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ZombieAutopsy3247d ago

NA sales mean nothing anywhere but NA

EU sales maen nothing anywhere but EU

...oh yea except Sony/MS/NiN all have corporations in all regions so it DOES matter to them how well they are selling in other places of the world because if one does bad its not good for business overall.

sikbeta3247d ago

A: Because you don't live THERE


B: Because they not play teh shooterz like NA(you think only play shooters)

and Europe (you think is not Variety Friend) DO

Let me say this:

----------------------------- -----lol----------------------- ------------

dredgewalker3247d ago

Almost all of the beloved franchises are Japanese. Yes it does matter. If it didn't then say good-bye to Final Fantasy, Street Fighter, Tekken, Metal Gear, Lost Planet,....oh man i cant list every one of them you know.

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lordkemp0073247d ago

Micro$oft is doing well in the battle of the dvd consoles.

3415 of these were probably replacements.

Razzy3246d ago

Actually the 360 is getting creamed in the battle of the DVD consoles.....the "Wii optical disc" is a 4.7/8.54gb DVD-based disc. :)

Xlll3247d ago

PS3 – 34,752
Xbox 360 – 4,085 <----- fail

singhjeet293247d ago

I guarantee at least 80,000 of those people are previous DS owners ... which begs the question ... why?!

Valay3247d ago

I don't know, that's possible, but Nintendo was mainly appealing to the older gamer with this iteration. But, the main change is the bigger screens.

ReBurn3247d ago (Edited 3247d ago )

No different than a PSP owner picking up a PSPGo when they already have the older model or a PS3 Slim when they have the fatty. Some folks just like to upgrade.

sikbeta3247d ago

Actually is more than ReBurn is saying, JAPAN love different colors for handhelds

You don't remember a couple of months ago, when Electric-BLue PSP was dominating the Hardware List

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