Real Life Ghost Recon: 360 Controllers Used On the Battle Field.

The US army uses a lot of high tech gear such as drones in their Future Combat Systems Program. These shots show off the SUGV (Small Unmanned Ground Vehicle) and what better to control it than the Xbox 360 Controller. The drones go into buildings and dangerous spots to scope out unsuspecting tangos. You gotta love the drone that looks like Johnny 5!

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marison4740d ago

the Xbox 360 is a great control pad, wireless, with good ergonomics. Very suitable for the task, no?

socomnick4740d ago

Last I heard they use the wired version.


well they should of used a ps3 pad its more compact and light

sak5004740d ago

Usually army guys are big and tough ones, not freckle faced with tiny hands, that they require compact and light controllers.

toughNAME4740d ago

itd be like getting shot...and not feeling anything

nobizlikesnowbiz4740d ago

haha weak curse the lack of rumble

ps3 controllers suk dont deny it. ours feels better. i get chubbys while im playing it feels so nice

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The story is too old to be commented.