R.U.S.E Exclusive Beta Signups - NA Users

Fileplanet is giving away R.U.S.E beta keys to all registered North American users. Once you are given the promo key you can register with Ubisoft who will send you the key on November 30th.

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Blaster_Master3249d ago

Ubisoft is the second most untalented failure this gen, next to Squeenix. Im dying for that epic rpg still from those guys and have yet to make anything good since FF12

qwertyuiopasdfghjkl3247d ago

Wait till the Assassins Creed fans see that post! In all seriousness, Ubisoft developed games are terrible, along with a few published turds like HAZE.

Bad: Assassins Creed series, FarCry 2, Prince of Persia, End War, HawX, RSV2, Shaun White,

Good: GRAW 1 and 2, RSV1

If I was to simply label Ubisoft games in general, I'd say all of them have excellent premises, features, and the "Cool" factor, but as a whole, none of them are enjoyable.

STONEY43246d ago

Weird. I didn't like GRAW1 or 2 (only played the demo of 2) or the Rainbow 6 Vegas (didn't play 2), but I liked Assassin's Creed 1 and 2 and Far Cry 2.

T3L3PROOF3246d ago

Farcry 2 was a great game, man, it let you built your own maps and then let you play them online with other people, how can that not be fun!? It was a great game, it just got boring because no one is online, well at least on the PS3, there probably is tons of people on Xbox 360 who still play it since Xbox has a larger community.

MostJadedGamer3245d ago

Its a Ubisoft game of course its on the PS3/360. That is one thing I really love about Ubisoft you can always count on there games to always be on the PS3/360 except of course for there shovelware which they dump off on the Wii, but all there real games will always be on the PS3/360.

neonlight453247d ago

wait, is R.U.S.E on consoles or just PC