Weekly Analysis – Assassin's Creed II and NSMB Wii lead the way

Assassin's Creed 2, New Super Mario Bros. Wii and Modern Warfare 2 all sell more than one million units this week and hardware continues to rise in the weekly data for 15th to 21st November 2009

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Shnazzyone3300d ago

"Assassin’s Creed 2 hit the combined number one spot this week, with over 1.55 million units across Xbox 360, PS3 and DS (up 27% on the original game)."


"New Super Mario Bros Wii sold just over 1.25 million units from 7 days on sale in the Americas and 2 days in most of Europe (9 days in Australia)."

... since assassins creed 2's number is the sum of the sales of THREE GAME SYSTEMS then logically wouldn't that make NSMB wii number 1 not assassins creed 2!?!?

VG charts continues it's solid reputation of biased number counting. I'm guessing the only reason they've done this is to cleverly conceal the possible fact of PS3 numbers being higher then 360 numbers while keeping Big N out of the number 1 spot. Or maybe I'm just paranoid...

bmw693299d ago

Yes you are paranoid. Xbox 360 numbers for AC II are higher than PS3.

Nobody is trying to conceal anything

Bathyj3300d ago

Has anyone else realised yet that AC2 is pretty much the same as AC1.

Its still very repetitive, with a handful of different things to do, all of which are basically go from point A to point B and kill who you see there.

Dont bash me, I liked the first one and I'm enjoying part 2 alot. I just think they've pulled the the same trick, hyping this game to the point where people think its something its not.

Anyone agree with this?, and remember I'm not saying its not a good game, I've been playing it non stop since it came out.

Cregan45843300d ago

Negative to that. Assassins Creed 2 is a massive improvement over the first one. I never did the same thing more than once in my opinion.

Bathyj3300d ago

There are many improvements in AC2. Yet still at its core, the main gameplay is still very much what I described and has not changed.

How can you say you've never done the same thing twice? Nearly every mission is simply killing someone, and then you have assassins missions.

Guess what you do there?

streety519a3300d ago

A number of points Bathyj.
The game is called ASSASSINS Creed. Guess what assassins do. Is it kill people? It can't be! I thought they'd at least have first person shooting moments and racing moments in this game!!!!
Also a lot of games have the same gameplay elements all the way through. And that doesn't make them a bad game. In fact some of the greatest games of all time use tried and tested formulas. Gran Turismo-drive around a track over and over again.
Uncharted 2. Shoot things and climb around on things during big set pieces.
God of War 1,2 and 3. Tear mythical monsters apart. Then throw in a QTE sex scene. Then tear mythical monsters apart again.
Street Fighter. Fight people.
I could go on.

Bathyj3299d ago (Edited 3299d ago )

You're being all defensive and sticking up for the game.

The thing is, there no need because I'm not attacking it. I love it. I think I've played about 40 hours since it came out a week ago.

And to be honest I'm glad it hasnt changed to much or else it would be a different game.

All I'm trying to point out is that AC2 is not very different from part 1 and alot of people who have b*tched quite a bit about AC1 in the past seem to forgive all the similarities of part 2. Its still very repetitive and I dont get why it would win over any new fans.

But it has, and thats good, I'm glad people are liking it, even if its slightly hypocritical.

I was also pretty sure I wouldnt be the only one who thought this about the game and I wanted to bring up some discussion since no one has really brought it up yet.