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Cwalat3342d ago

2009 my wallet suffered from some bruises.

2010 my wallet will get R A P E D.

Montrealien3342d ago

hope you are ready for 11-12-13-14 ect.... ;P

This game looks.....amazing.

mal_tez923342d ago

I just hope they ditch the dodgy cover system from GTAIV and use one more like in Drake's Fortune or Gears of Wars

raztad3342d ago (Edited 3342d ago )

That looks really good. Need to see more gameplay though. Release date is a bit too close of GoW3's, so I'll need to wait to pick it up.

Montrealien3342d ago

as more then 1 month after GoW 3? I am pretty sure I will be done with GoW 3 by the time this comes out.

And if you want some gameplay, go play the first one, I am pretty sure it will be close to that one but better.

reckoner3342d ago

yeah! Graphics look pretty awesome for an open-world game!

RememberThe3573342d ago

GTA4 made me really under estimate the RAGE engine.

Montrealien3342d ago

cause GTA 4 look horrible right? Sometimes I wonder...

NecrumSlavery3342d ago

Rockstar is finally going to trump San Andreas!?

LeonSKennedy4Life3342d ago

It's called Bully. : )

I'm sorry, but San Andreas sucked balls...

Maybe it was big and you could do a lot of things, but the storyline was TERRIBLE and there was nothing in the gameplay to hold you in.

GTAIV had a GREAT storyline!

RememberThe3573342d ago

So this is why you lost your bubbles! lol

San Adreas was great! Bully? Not so much...

TiberusX873342d ago

I actually really enjoyed the first game. "I'm lookin' at a dead man!"

I would rather play this than anymore pointless GTAIV add-ons.. Getting so tired of Grand Theft Auto.

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The story is too old to be commented.