The PlayStation 3 is about Potential

The Pensive Gamer continues its 'state of' series for home consoles by looking at the road the PS3 has travelled, and while Sony has some reason to be concerned, the battle is far from over. Two quotes:

Quote One: The recent image being portrayed by Sony, at least in North America and Europe, is much less Japanese; in fact it feels British. Perhaps it is meant to distance itself with Ken Kutagari's outlandish comments, but with Howard Stringer at the helm and Phil Harrison being the new PS3 front-man things have definitely proceeded down a smoother PR path.

Quote Two: In Japan, Sony's home territory, lower than anticipated hardware sales have still allowed Sony to sell, in just over 6 months, nearly 2.5 times the number of PS3's as Microsoft's 18 month old Xbox 360 (934,800 vs 391,231), but Sony has yet to sell more games (1,195,052 vs 1,310,161). In particular, this shows that the average PS3 owner in Japan has only 1.2 titles.

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nice_cuppa4248d ago

being the only ps3 owner in my group of friends i get asked all the time.
"let me know when its worth getting a ps3 !"

i usually say its worth it now but the people i have said this to always come back and tell me no its not.

i think they are waiting till atleast 3 AAA exclusive games are on the system.
this is a problem as untill the games are reviewed and out they dont care.

for the mass market sort of people when will it be worth it ???

im thinking Q2 2008 when mgs4,ff13 and the new rachet game comes out. (as i know all will def be AAA)

so what do you guys think ???
for the mass market sort of people when will it be worth it ???

spacetoilet4248d ago (Edited 4248d ago )

I dunno. This is not going to be an overnight sensation like the Wii. But its cruising along nicely. It's only 6 months old and look at the quality of the titles available already.
I think your probably on the mark with second quarter next year. By then there will be allot of PS3's out there and allot of great games.
Perhaps even more so, PSN will be huge by then, what with Sony's music/TV/Video downloads, games, demos etc. Not to mention Home.
This thing has been designed to last a long time.
It's still the very beginning of a long ride.

Oh, and about mass market sort of people? Well......they can
S U C K M Y B A L L S!!
I choose quality.
They are sheep.

reaperxciv4248d ago (Edited 4248d ago )

interesting, if the japanese only have 1.2 titles per ps3 owner, what titles do you personally have right now? btw, how much hard disk space on the average is used by a ps3 game like RFOM?

drtysouf214248d ago

I bought my PS3, Xbox 360, and Wii for potential. I even bought my 65in 1080p last september for potential. You all come here and argue like any thing is different for all 3 consoles. There are good games out for all systems but their will be better ones in the future for all 3. I bought my 360 for potential for example (Blue Dragon, Lost Odyssey, Halo 3, Bioshock, Mass Effect) I bought my Wii for potential ( Metroid, Mario Galaxy, The next Zelda release) same for PS3 for potential ( FFXIII, MGS4, LBP, Heavenly Sword, Uncharted Drake's Fortune) My Tv for potential because when i bought it last september when their was barely anyting out that supported 1080p. The fact is there is nothing wrong with Potential because it makes you happy that you bought something that will last for a long time its an investment and it applies to all consoles and many other things. Fact is without potential you have nothing to look forward to.

Saint Sony4248d ago (Edited 4248d ago )

Of course PS3 is full of potential. Devs just have to take advantage of that potential.. currently it is pretty much just spoken words. Lots of games incoming though.. so, I guess in the end of this current year we can only say is PS3 going to kick some @ss or not. Things are starting to look more promising for sure. Waitstation times are over... or?

bluebrad19744248d ago

Sony engineered the Cell and blu-ray technology at the same time. The Cell is nothing more than the imaging device for the blu-ray player that was forced on gamers for a ridiculious $600 price tag. It's no secret that the Cell is garbage for game development. The gaming development community as a whole has admitted that it's overly difficult to make the Cell perform the funtions that are key to building a great game. Sony put their media format ahead of gaming, plain and simple. This "potential" BS is just that BS.
Here is clue Sony- Next time you build a game console, build it to be a game console not a vehicle for your overpriced media format, then you will be able to avoid these situations where you have to disillusion people with words like "Potential"

reaperxciv4248d ago

ehrmm, since all ps3 games are in the blu-ray format, does this have anything todo with the chunk of hdd space required for each ps3 game?

bluebrad19744248d ago (Edited 4248d ago )

Actually no, game data is installed to the PS3's HDD because the blu-ray player in the PS3 has the slowest read speed money can buy. It's done to help load times in videogames.

Why o why4248d ago (Edited 4248d ago )

i heard this about the same time the ps2 came out. Why would you wanna buy a dvd player / games machine. it wont work la di la all over again. Hey blu ray expert. Dont you think its better have have and not need....... you know the rest. you cant recognise potential at all. do you really understand the meaning of the word. If yes then why the chip on your sholder. if no then show me a system that does, please. how old are you if the current and games coming to the ps are made with a garbage hardware then you shouldnt waste your time spreading viral and nonsence about something you care little about. keep up the good work


couldnt say it better myself, nice rigg

masterg4248d ago

The game is being installed because it can be. It gives developers more options. An option they don't have on the 360.

4248d ago
popup4248d ago

So right Why O Why.

So he is saying that rather than release a cheap Blu-Ray player onto the market, Sony decide to make one with a hugely powerful processor, pretty decent graphics chipset and a motion sensing controller for playing movies on, losing loads of money with each sale and simply throwing away the massively lucrative games market brand leader status they have enjoyed for two generations?

Microsoft played the jumping-in card that Sony played last time though and hats off to them! it bloody worked! Well done Microsoft. I never would have thought Bill could pull it off.

Now Sony is licking its wounds but it can actually do the company good as being an underdog can produce some very innovative results.

Bloodmask4248d ago (Edited 4248d ago )


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Close_Second4248d ago

The PS3 needs to deliver some of its potential to a level where that potential lives up to the hype surrounding it. Forget the Blu-Ray argument as this comes down to pure number crunching, i.e. what can the PS3 deliver on-screen over and beyond its competition. The difference between the quality of games on the PS3 and its competition needs to be substantial otherwise the PS3 will come third this generation.

I for one do think that the "potential" will be delivered however, will it be before the competition has too stronger foothold.

Rockstar4248d ago

The competition will never get a really good foothold until they deliver acceptable hardware.

Not everyone in the world is okay with great customer service vs. quality hardware.

WIIIS14248d ago

Potential. The new name for a flop.

CG4248d ago

I cant disagree with that one...