No Dpad - Implode Review: A Game With A Bang

No Dpad:

IUGO has been one of those companies that have solely devoted their time to developing iPhone games, and I don't believe they'll be stopping anytime soon. With the release of three games all in rapid succession, Implode seems to be one of those that were hurried out onto the App Store. IUGO's sudden burst of games is definitely welcoming though, and Implode seems to be one of those games that I'm mildly impressed with.

Now for physics. What can I say, I'm not a huge physics puzzler fan. Physics have never been quite interesting to me, and I like to keep the movement around me as simple as possible. This doesn't seem to be the case with Implode, being on of the more sophisticated puzzlers out there with some eye candy artwork. While I didn't feel the physics to be the best, it's definitely one of the better puzzle experiences out there.

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