No Dpad - Boxed In 2 Review: Stuck in a Box?

No Dpad:

For all the adrenaline to be found in iPhone titles like Gangstar or Asphalt 5, it's good to have a change of pace with unique puzzlers like the stellar Auditorium or Enigmo 2. Games such as these require more thought than reflex, more intellect than instinct. Boxed In 2 is the latest app store offering that caters to the gamer who obsesses over timeless, well-designed quagmire.

Independent developer Dennis Mengelt plays things safe with a sequel that repackages and polishes much of what made the first game so appealing. From a top-down perspective, players control a lonely robot as he works his way through level after level of claustrophobic inducing rooms. The object: escape from each level by maneuvering a series of boxes that stand in the way of the exit. To add to the confusion, special tiles need to be activated or unlocked in order to proceed.

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